Senior publishing source confirms new, cheaper Xbox One release for 2014

Microsoft will release a cheaper Xbox One this year, a well-respected source has told VG247, apparently confirming this week’s leaks out of Redmond.

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GamerXD1296d ago

The price cut would definitely help, but I think they won't profit if they cut the price to $400, they'd better release X1 w/o the shitty Kinect.

But really, a price cut would definitely fire up X1 sales.

christocolus1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

I agree it would really push sales,i know a few people who have refused to upgrade, they've been waiting for ms to release a cheaper model before getting one but kinect is an awesome device.i rather ms find some other alternative to reduce the price than removing it from the box.

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abzdine1296d ago

even cheaper in the end of the day the console with best games and best tech will win.

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Rainstorm811296d ago

The system with the best games will win....not a fanboy statement but more a gamer statement.

When has it not been that way? Maybe the Wii but even then they had unique high quality games

Eonjay1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

If they get rid of the blu-ray and replace it with a 1TB and get rid of Kinect they may be able to get to 399.99. How will Sony respond? Is a 299 PS4 incoming?

Behold the power of competition!

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ZodTheRipper1296d ago

I'm not sure how effective a price cut would be. PS4 is still more powerful and by the time this price cut hits it has probably lots of first party exclusives announced ...would people want the X1 in such a scenario? And would it still be profitable for Microsoft? But I guess they'd do anything to defend their marketshare at this point.

Septic1296d ago

I say stick with your guns with Kinect MS. You took a risk now see your plans through.

abzdine1296d ago

i know this is business but MS have no honor. they always said Kinect best thing ever for living room x1 cannot work without it tomorrow they claim absolute opposite.
i hate people with no consistency in what they are saying and even for a 100bucks SKU i will never buy it by principe.

truefan11296d ago

As long as its near the holiday 2014 I don't mind that I paid $600 for my bundle. My current games are just to hold me over as I stand by for Titanfall. As far as you all talking about Kinect, all I ask is that you not base it off of the kinect for the 360. Kinect is easily the second most important aspect of an Xb1. Talking to your system is pretty amazing and a great way to show off when you have company. Don't be so quick to down the Kinect, do you notice how you don't ever really hear XB1 gamers complaining about it.

scott1821296d ago

I think both companies would be smart to release a blu ray drive-less system for less.

Giul_Xainx1296d ago

Can you believe Microsoft is seeking legal action against the leaker? Seriously this is someone who is a fan of Microsoft leaking out information for something that he loves. Playstation has internet holes everywhere in their meeting rooms... but microsoft has lawyers covering the exits of their own offices.

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miyamoto1295d ago

The early adopters are so screwed and burn so soon?
Wow just wow!
Talk about early buyer's remorse!
Nice damage control move M$... screwing your most loyal customers is another bad 180 move.
I am sure the early adopters are gonna be really happy.

insomnium21295d ago

I said this would happen weeks if not months ago.

ObiWanaTokie1295d ago

Burrito i just LAWL'd so hard, bubble for you!

vulcanproject1295d ago

If they removed Kinect and reduced the price I would certainly consider buying an Xbox One sooner rather than later down the line.

If they remove the disc drive, that's the worst 'value' I could imagine. Leaving you at the complete mercy of Microsoft and their publishers for the pricing of games and content digitally.

I couldn't imagine much worse a scenario at the moment than a disc drive less Xbox One.

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Manic20141296d ago

I don't think its a price cut but they are releasing an alternative model with a cheaper value, i think it may be without kinect as that's the best way to reduce the price of the console.

TomShoe1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Unfortunately for MS, there's really nothing else on the XBO they could cut without taking huge losses a la Sony pre 2009.

It's impossible to cut anything on the XBO without pissing someone off.

Just slash the price? Piss off MS higher ups and lose money.

No Blu-ray drive? Piss off retailers and anyone without internet.

No Kinect? Piss off developers and get called a hypocrite.

If they were smart, they'd just bite the bullet and drop the Kinect, since it seems like the lesser of two evils.


Blu-ray drives normally cost about $30 for companies, because of deals with manufacturers.

T21296d ago

It's been pretty much confirmed that this will be a digital only device, still with kinect but no optical drive for 399... still not worth it. still has kinect.
Also what about all those people who shelled out 499?? I want to know how they feel, less than a year later if it drops 100 bucks!

hellzsupernova1296d ago

@joecanada they will bleed money on feet retry console sold a blu ray drive does not cost Microsoft 100$ plus they would up the hdd to 1tb.

Although Microsoft can afford to lose money

GameSpawn1295d ago


Microsoft can afford to loose money BUT the Xbox gaming division cannot. Investors have been clamoring for reasons to cut the Xbox brand loose from Microsoft because they don't believe the investment is worth what it has cost so far.

Without Microsoft's money coffers as a safety net the Xbox brand would quickly wither and die.

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pompombrum1296d ago

It depends how they cut the price really.. I have a feeling Microsoft won't drop the kinect and dropping anything else will just risk functionality imho. Lower capacity HD? No Blu ray drive? If they cut them out before kinect, they'll just be shooting themselves in the foot again.

darx1296d ago

No Kinect and no Blu Ray would work for me. I'm a digital only type of guy.

darksky1296d ago

It would be hilarious if they release one with no Bluray. How many fools will buy one and realise afterwards that they can't play their movies or buy used games?

darx1296d ago

@ dark

For what it's worth I do not own one DVD or BLU RAY movie and nor do I ever rent them. Can't tell you the last time I bought a used game. I use patience and wait for price drops and if it is must have I will pick up day one. And must haves for me are, at best, 2-3 games a year. So it isn't all that funny!

Outlaw19861295d ago

@darx the problem is u would have to wait for the prices of games to go on sale in the Xbox live store. Where if u had a disk drive u would be able to get the sale from any retailer and the Xbox live store normally charges msrp. In the long run u would save money still with the disc drive.

Jihaad_cpt1295d ago

Microsoft is running out of feet. Shoot themselves in the knee

pompombrum1295d ago

^^^ How can they be shot in the knee? There is too many arrows there! We'll have to settle with the thigh.

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OrangePowerz1296d ago

I would get one if Kinect is dropped and it costs maximum 400.

Rainstorm811296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

I agree at most id pay is 400 and even then I need to be assured they won't only focus on Gears Halo and Fable and Forza

While I want to play the new Fable Gears and Halo, my X1 will be used for exclusives only so those are not enough to justify a purchase....I do want Project Spark and Titanfall tho

Can't wait to see this years E3 unveils

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jackanderson19851296d ago

while they'd make a loss on the box itself their attach rate is looking very good and that's where the majority of the money is made in the console business

Magicite1296d ago

first of all they must be able to predict whether price cut will actually increase revenue and profit.

QuickdrawMcgraw1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Would such a early price cut not be a kick in the face to the loyal Xbox supporters who have already bought a Xbox1? Or are Xbox fanboys wanting to best Sony so badly that they would be willing to eat the $100.00(if that is what the price cut is).