Kingdom Hearts 3 Coming In 2014?

The Game Inquirer says: "It seems the highly anticipated next entry in the Kingdom Hearts series may be arriving much sooner than we expected."

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TetsujinFranky968d ago

Wasn't Final Fantasy XV supposed to come before Kingdom Hearts III? Not that I complain

AsimLeonheart968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

I say there is no way they would release a game that was announced just last year. SE games are renowned for suffering in development hell for years before finally getting released. After the FFvsXIII debacle (8 years and still waiting) it is just too painful to get your hopes up... It is better to prepare yourself to wait for at least 3 more years. They made me wait almost 5 years for Kingdom Hearts 2!

SquareSoft968d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 could be easier to develop than Final Fantasy XV, reflecting how many kingdom hearts games there are,

Kingdom Hearts,
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories,
Kingdom Hearts II,
Kingdom Hearts coded,
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days,
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance III
HD 1.5 Remix, HD 2.5 Remix (HD remaster)

With the simplicity if Kingdom Hearts world, the experiences & skills SquareEnix have from Kingdom Hearts HD, they could release Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2014.

Patrick_pk44968d ago

@SquareSoft This. Kingdom of Hearts does not look something hard to develop compared to others games, such as Infamous, Final Fantasy, etc. It has a simplistic feel to the game.

FamilyGuy968d ago

I'd prefer to see FFXV first and I don't believe this in the slightest anyway. We've seen a LOT more of FFXV so it should be a lot farther along in development.

I'm buying both regardless of released date though, the sooner the better.

One_Eyed_Wizard968d ago

It's also made by the same director (and team)... who also said numerous times over the years that he would finish Versus/XV before starting development on KH3. That trailer of KH3 wasn't actual game footage either. It was only meant as a teaser.

nyobzoo968d ago

haha no way, it's coming out after FFXV and we don't even know whet that game is coming out

danielsousa968d ago

I saw FF15 in pre order so it shouldn't last much longer to come

iMaim968d ago

Yeah ... that's not happening.

Eonjay968d ago

I'm sure they have had the story planned for nearly a decade. Seriously. It probably wont take that long to complete.

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The story is too old to be commented.