How do you solve a problem like Nintendo? An Outsider's View

As a self confessed outsider to the Nintendo consoles without any strong opinions either way, Daniel Frost gives a unbiased view on how he think Nintendo can make changes to repair their current situation.

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DinoNYC1451d ago

Release more games. New IPs.

JohnnyTower1451d ago

Pretty hard to release more games when only ninty is developing them. They need 3rd parties, but those guys are afraid to invest in big N. Its a conundrum.

DinoNYC1451d ago

Even when they had some 3rd party titles such as Call of Duty for Wii, no one bought it since it's inferior to the Xbox/PS version. They definitely put themselves in a tight spot, and their poor marketing of the console isn't helping.

MrSwankSinatra1451d ago

it's called expand your internal studios

KonsoruMasuta1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I think that their idea of licensing their characters out will help them with that. Nintendo themselves can't keep the system afloat with first party games, there is no way. But it they license out their characters, they can get more games out and most likely revive some of their older franchises people have been asking for.

They're already doing this with Hyrule Warriors, which is releasing in Japan this summer, and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. I'm curious to see where this strategy goes.

Dunban671451d ago

Why would anyone disagree with "more games"?

That is the #1 issue w the Wii U and the issue least addressed by Iwata the last few days- It seems he brought in all of these other "potential" initiatives in order to distract from the primary reasons for the Wii U s performance and ensuing losses of money and market share.

Iwata discussed all kinds of things but when it came to games the only concrete thing he said w any meaning was that Mario Kart would be released in May-
He said they support the Wii U and the game pad but it was all open ended ideas, initiatives, possibilities etc.

Why won t he discuss what WILL they do over the next 5, 6, 8, 12+ months for the Wii U. What are some other games that are going to be released and when?

Ok we have DKTF in Feb, Mario Kart in May- Nintenod has insinuated Smash Bros in (at some point??) 2014 and said Hyrulle warriors will be out Summer 2014. Everything else is a maybe, possibly, at some point, 2014?

What about 3rd party games? What have Ubi and other 3rd parties indicated to Nintendo they will release in 2014.... if anything?

What are you going to do for your ever shrinking base of loyal customers that own a Wii U in order to avoid a 2nd year in a row major software drought over the 1st 6 months? Right now it looks like the 1st 6 months of 2013 had a flood of software compared with what it looks like in 1st half 2014

strigoi8141451d ago

remove the gamepad with the bundle..include a wiiU pro controller to sell it cheaper..then sell the gamepad as a seperate accessory. add support to run 3DS games via virtual console..and sell character license cheaper to developers make games for the wiiU..and make a pokemon MMO

KonsoruMasuta1451d ago

Adding 3DS games to virtual console would affect 3DS sales.

LinkOnABoat1451d ago

Fire Reggie. Seriously the only reason he is still around is because he is a walking meme.

TheEnigma3131451d ago

One thing I would suggest is to work on their online structure. Believe it or not, people enjoy the trophy/ achievement system also. Nintendo can fix this before it's too late.

klecser1451d ago

Article wasn't bad. What bothers me about it is that what a lot of Nintendo "outsiders" don't understand is that they are not Nintendo's target demographic anyway. Nintendo games sell just fine to Nintendo fans. So, there is an inherent bias in this argument that an outsiders "values" should be incorporated to "fix" Nintendo. In other words, it devolves into a "become more like iOS/Steam/Microsoft/Sony!" ; argument, and that may end up ruining the limited variety that exists in the game industry. I play Nintendo games precisely because I am not interested in the games on those other platforms. If you have different tastes than me, that's great. But why do you think my tastes should have to conform to yours?

FrostieDee1448d ago

Hi Klecser,

I think you make a very valid point, however I would argue that I should be in Nintendo's target demographic. Currently the demographic that they are marketing to are primarily the audience who already owns the product which is why their audience is stagnating. Its the equivalent of a door salesman selling doors, door-to-door.

I would agree that Nintendo don't need to conform to what other companies are doing and they should maintain their core values however these need to at least be slightly broadened if they want to achieve the market share that they desire, otherwise these problems will surely continue and most likely escalate.