Sony teases PlayStation Now UK release could be on the horizon

Sony suggests that a UK PlayStation Now release date "isn't a million miles away".

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ANIALATOR1361630d ago

march 2015 the rumour was i think

minimur121630d ago

I'm pretty sure it was around that on that presentation to the press that someone took a photo of.

extermin8or1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Wrong that was the eu release they seem to be treating central europe and the uk differently like we got the video store months ahead of most of the rest of europe. Yeah he even says in the article that he's trying to get uk to be more of a priority over the rest of eu. Sorry for people in central eu but it kinda makes sense as most of what they do for usa is transferable-same language and less dofference in laws etc and ofc the government here has been pushing fibreoptic rollout for awhile now and its just coming to frutition it appears all of which mean not waiting to launch the service in the uk makes sense.

sprinterboy1629d ago

March 2015 sound about right with a GDC announcement

farhsa20081630d ago

I just want to play resistance 3. Make it happen Sony!

MegaRay1630d ago

I like how someone is disagree with you.
Its either he hate the game or hate you lol

BABY-JEDI1629d ago

It would be good if the disagree-er explained him/her self! We can only live in hope LoL

stavrami-mk21630d ago

is this basically the gaikai service ..ability to play last gen games ??

pompombrum1630d ago

I think it's essential Sony start to look at rolling this out in as many countries as possible. Playing favourites with countries is never a good idea and not even the infallible Sony will escape a backlash.

fendernow1630d ago

Personally I find this not to be exciting at all simply because Sony is good at dangling the carrot.

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