Grand Theft Auto V in First Person

Just because Grand Theft Auto V is only available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 doesn't mean that'll stop the wave of mods that were inevitably coming. This mod will give you a first person perspective of Los Santos

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oof461181d ago

God bless those with the wherewithal and time on their hands.

creeping judas1181d ago

It begs the question, if a modder can do that, why wasn't it done by R*? Or sorry, why couldn't it of been done by R*?

oof461181d ago

My guess? It was a design choice. I'm wondering if someone can fix the gunplay to work in first person.

RamsesNum11181d ago

I'm sure it's just a matter of time before someone makes a fully-fledged first person mod. I just wish everyone would add 1st/3rd person like Skyrim

danowat1181d ago

Agreed, looks like it should have been possible / was going to be possible, and either wasn't finished in time, or left out for gameplay balance.

RashBandicoot1181d ago

I'm kind of impressed console modding have come this far. I personally wouldn't mind doing but I'm worried I'll get perma ban.

RamsesNum11181d ago

Yeah, I honestly didn't expect anything of this calibur to come out of console modding. Glad to see it happen.

Tsar4ever011181d ago

Holy shit, GTA5's plane mod has just been WAR THUNDERED!! The car mod is sweet also. I wonder if there a way to make this happen on the consoles?

kingPoS1181d ago

GTA5 exists where else?... on PC... not yet it does.

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Tsar4ever011181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Lol. Embarassing, I watched the video at the top of this post and not go to the source link first, didn't accurd to me that this video mod is done off the PS3 verision.