A walk through the valley of the dead gaming sites

The last two years have seen the death of many a beloved videogame website. Lazygamer collates a few of them and predcts which ones are going to fall sooner rather than later

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oof461578d ago

R.I.P, The website that introduced me to the wonderful world of podcasting.

GavinMannion1578d ago

I'm still in utter amazement that no one has taken that domain and made something better of it... it's perfect.

Mind you 1UP was pretty perfect by itself and still collapsed

oof461578d ago

Bad management. But many people have so many wonderful memories of 1up. For me, it was the myriad of podcasting personalities.

erathaol1577d ago

The Gamespy one caught me off guard honestly, goodbye guys, love all the beta codes you gave me when no one else was giving any.

*pours coffee*

Crazay1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

MAN! That sure is a depressing sign of the times. I remember that around the end of every month, how excited I used to get knowing that my new issue of EGM was on the way. I was a subscriber for 10yrs and it was always exciting to get that publication.

I still have every issue I ever received. I don't know why...But it sure is fun to crack open one of those older issues to re-read it after all this time to reflect on where things have gone since then.

RIP EGM...You've been heavily missed.

UKRsoldier1576d ago

It would be fun to buy the COMPLETE collection of every mag they ever published and hide it away somewhere for 50 years to read when you're on your deathbed and reminisce...