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BD writes: "We’ve all been there. Crummy place in a not-so-great part of town. Food and clothes everywhere. That one annoying neighbor, and that hot one. Chains on the door. Blood in the tub. Holes leading to dreamworld dimensions. Demon babies crying from inside the walls.

College was a weird time for all of us, I’m sure.

Either way, the fourth game in the Silent Hill series represents a departure from eerie survival horror to the pseudo-action games that follow it. Silent Hill 4: The Room is not pure survival horror, nor is it as action-centered as the later titles.

And yet, it is not a lukewarm title, either. It is a transitional fossil, and perhaps because it was developed by Team Silent, the group behind the first three games, it retains much of what made the first few great, all the while adding in some variety in gameplay and story."

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CaEsAr-1631d ago

I really miss SH series.

badz1491631d ago

I still don't get it why they call it "The Room" not "The Holes" which is what this game really is. The room is just a checkpoint but the Holes are where all the actions and stuff happen.

skeeter22751631d ago

Probably because he is trapped in the room and the game is about him trying to escape

JohnnyTower1631d ago

If you name a game "The Holes" and have a female lead character, what do you think would happen?

badz1491631d ago


that's exactly what I don't understand. he goes out of the room through holes ALL THE TIME!

quaneylfc1631d ago


Matt6661631d ago

ok first of all don't write in all caps because its not clever is it, second of all clearly you don't know anything about the game with a comment like that

quaneylfc1631d ago

Its a genuine question you idiot. I heard about a silent hill game that ended that way, but it is an old one. i thought it was called "the room" but if this one is new (i don't know whether it is or not) i was mistaken. i typed my message, looked up and seen that it was in caps, what was i going to do, rub out and type it all again? That would be illogical, the message is clear enough. try not being paranoid and start caring less.

or ignore me and listen to the mighty words of Jeff Goldblum instead.

Matt6661631d ago

Silent Hill 1-4 are the best in the series, anything after that went down hill

Inception1631d ago

I still don't know why Konami disbanded Silent Team and put western devs on the project. Because not any single SH game from western devs have the same creepiness like SH 1-4.

DCfan1631d ago

Agreed, Downpour was meh and nothing special, the combat was worse than any SH2 combat system, and it just didn't feel right, not to mention the shitty framerate and jagged edges mess.

MightyNoX1631d ago

I regret not finishing The Room.

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