AMD Catalyst Mantle Driver Delayed

Yesterday, new game update for Battlefield 4 enabled Mantle API support that DICE has developed in conjunction with AMD. However this patch requires an AMD catalyst driver update to enable Mantle in-game.It seems like AMD has to delay the update to early February after it discovered a major bug with its Catalyst 14.2 driver at the last minutes of the driver roll out .

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Choc_Salties1599d ago

Pity about the delay, was really looking forward to seeing this puppy in action!

Marked1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Sadly, I'm waiting either way. Woh the unfortunate souls that have the 7950, 7970, r280x, r270x, 7870...oh shit every card that should be but wont because they are using the 290 and 260 to beta test the driver.

Hopefully my 7950 will see love soon.

Dude4201599d ago

Don't believe what every article says, AMD claims that the driver will provide Mantle support for those cards.

Agent_hitman1599d ago

So the next Catalyst driver will include Mantle API?. That's great! I'm excited what will be the next improvements of my Videocard

Marked1599d ago

As time goes on, I keep hearing more disappointing news. Majority of cards wont be supported, till later and the performance increases seen are typically found in systems with weak CPU's.

I have 6300 and 7950. So I wont be included in the mantle release and I believe my CPU wont see much benefit.

impet251599d ago

Idk but playing bf4 yesterday after patch I use to get less than 60 fps in ultra, now I get more than 100 fps. I have a i7 3770k and sli gtx 660. Idk about mantle but its much more stable now. Thanks dice at least you got something right for me at least.

RedDeadLB1599d ago

It's true, the latest patch improved performance either way. Nearly all maps run perfectly fine now, 60fps +.

Mantle should improve it even more for me, if only AMD would release the driver..