Trailer: Chou Megami Shinkou Noire Gekishin Black Heart

Compile Heart has released the first trailer for Noire Gekishin Black Heart on the PS Vita. The game will be released in Japan on May 29th, and the preview shows off both the curvy, true-to-form characters as well as their 3D Chibi versions. Are you ready to play with Lee Fey, Ain Ar, Restore, Saori, Win, and Lady Wakku?

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CursedHero1571d ago

Big Head, I know you're the one...

Rodney251570d ago

Localization! Happen now. The more Noire I have, the happier I'll be.

TwilightSparkle1570d ago

'Sigh 'I hate having to wait for a localizing annoucement

CursedHero1570d ago

I know! Whatever evil deity did this to localization shall pay!