The Evil Within Gets Some New Screenshots

The Evil Within, the Survival Horror game directed by Shinji Mikami, has received some new screens today.

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vork771539d ago

i pre order this when i saw the game play videos

Mikefizzled1539d ago

One word 'Hype'. Welcome back Mikami.

pyramidshead1539d ago

Hype indeed. Hopefully this marks the return of proper thought out combat based survival horror games.

Pozzle1537d ago

I hope this game sells well. I really, really do.

I want this type of survival horror to come back. :(

Zefros1539d ago

Release date please!!! I want this game so badly!

Biohazard88601539d ago

Misleading wow these screens are old released back in december wow... -_-

theshredded1539d ago

I miss these games we rarely get

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