So, There's a New Ouya

Ouya has just announced a revised version of their Android-powered gaming system. This new version will retail for $129, which makes it $30 more expensive than the current version, which will remain on store shelves.

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admiralvic1632d ago

Sounds like a lot of money for very little.

mewhy321631d ago

Well at this point I just don't see the use for this. The less expensive version of this console isn't working so why release a more expensive version? I just don't get it.

Vegamyster1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

What's the point?

ALARM-clock1631d ago

If nothing else, it make a really great retro console emulator. That's the only reason I plan on buying one eventually (used).

Father__Merrin1631d ago

ouya has the worst and cheapest feeling controller ever

ruefrak1631d ago

After seeing Sony release the Vita 2000 in the UK for more than the 1000 was selling for, they decided to follow suit. If no one was buying it at the current price, release a more expensive version and watch the customers come flooding in.

Agent_hitman1631d ago

How bout the processor?, have they already replaced the obsolete Tegra 3 already with the one designed by Qualcomm?

ginsunuva1631d ago

T3 obsolete?
They'll probably just replace it with T4.

Now get back to work; Qualcomm employees shouldn't be on n4g during work hours.

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The story is too old to be commented.