MWEB GameZone eSports Desk: Local Scene Ready to Explode

MWEB GameZone brings you the weekly installment of the eSports Desk featuring local tournaments, videos and eSports tips from the South African eSports scene.

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Zaphire1601d ago

Thanks for all the mentions :) Good update for those that haven't been reading the news the past few weeks

Choc_Salties1601d ago

Always good to see the tips and tricks!

Sillicur1601d ago

Those are just sooo well written :)

DesVader1601d ago

Looks like that new Bravado Dota 2 team is the one to watch...

Sillicur1601d ago

Thinking they might make an impact on the international scene as well this year, very exciting for SA eSports!