Sony Updates PlayStation Mobile App on iOS and Android With Streaming Features

SonyRumors: Sony is updating the PlayStation Mobile app for iOS and Android with new streaming features among other changes. We've got the details.

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GribbleGrunger1605d ago

Very smart move. All those Twitch/Ustream feeds suddenly become free advertising.

thejigisup1604d ago

Very cool now I can actually use my phone for psn messages without having to connect to my PlayStation that is fun. If only they'd fix the issue with the ps3 turning inn and receiving a thousand messages I'vealready received on my ps4. Stilla great update

KyRo1604d ago

We've been able to reply to messages from the app for a while now or am missing something?

I agree with you about the messages not being shown as read on the PS3 but have been read on the PS4 showing up.

Does anyone else also have the problem when messaging from PS4 to PS3, the person your writing to revives the first message but when you reply to the message they don't recieve it?

Could of worded that better but meh lol

thejigisup1604d ago

o definitely able to check the messages but connecting to the ps4 would wake it up, which is not what i wanted it to do.

I have only had that problem when group messaging but that has since been fixed.

pwnsause_returns1604d ago

it needs to natively run on tablets. it kinda sucks that that i have to resize the app on the ipad.