Battlefield 4 Tips and Tricks - Grenade Breakdown

Find that you're sometimes still holding the grenade and have tossed the pin instead? Never fear! We've got you covered in the Battlefield 4 Grenade breakdown to explain how to use grenades to your advantage!

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Sillicur1663d ago

Great tips and tricks, love dem nades !

HoldenZA1663d ago

Ricochet nades will always follow me, its my curse.

Great tips and tricks though, thoroughly enjoyed going through them.

Choc_Salties1663d ago

I'm usually still hosding the nade, and the pin is flying gracefully towards the target, DOING NOTHING!

KimoNoir1663d ago

On a large team, flares are useful for chopper pickups and marking locations for air support in Hardcore.