6 Final Fantasy games you never knew you wanted

Games in Asia: "With such a rich pool of beloved characters, deep and beautiful worlds, and a fan base bigger than most countries, you’d think Square Enix would be pimping out the FF universe to different genres all the time.

So it got me thinking, “If the fans could take these characters and worlds, what spin off games would they make?” In the end I came up with six Final Fantasy games that I believe fans are going to want to see."

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knifefight1627d ago

Re: "Ok this is a given. I believe if you have enough successful titles, you are legally obligated to make a kart racing game featuring your characters. If Rayman, Crash Bandicoot, and Angry Birds can all get kart racing games, why not Final Fantasy?"

You mean like this?

I thought it was decent despite the hate it got.

And I'll definitely take that last one on the list ;)

dedicatedtogamers1627d ago

I love Theaterrhythm in spite of the fact that Squeenix crammed a ton of classic songs behind a paywall. I would love it if they came out with a "Definitive" edition but 1) the original game didn't sell well enough I'd guess and 2) this is SE we're talking about...

Nerdmaster1626d ago


"The full tracklist from Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will be returning."

It just doesn't say if it will come with the DLC from the first game.