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Oliver at El33tonline writes:

"Knack has a lot of charm and character mixed in with its vibrant visuals and interesting premise, but repetitive encounters with what I found to be unfairly challenging enemies in unimaginative settings ultimately made the experience dull and frustrating."

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MasterofMagnetism908d ago

Ouch. I thought the game was enjoyable and pretty hard on the highest difficulty.

theXtReMe1907d ago

Yeah, I would ignore a review like this. Knack is a fine game, not a five out of five, but a 3.5 or 4. In my opinion, a game that receives a one or two is broken. This game is not broken, it's just a straightforward platformer.

An enjoyable platformer, just a tad on the average side. But it's still a nice looking game and a lot of fun to play. I think if they make a second one, they need to flesh out the powers you gain... so they are needed in certain parts of the game. Let users switch between those powers, like they did in Kameo.

fenome907d ago (Edited 907d ago )

To each their own, but I really enjoy this game a lot. It's probably the first game I'm gonna platinum. I've never been a trophy hunter, but for some reason I wanna get all of them in this game.