Flappy Bird - How to get an extremely high score

WP - "Flappy Bird is simple, massively frustrating, and wildly addicting. The gameplay's simplicity and addictiveness inspires the same feeling as the old Snake mobile game did back in the days when flip phones were what all of the celebrities had. Can't get a score above ten? There are ways to do it every time - well, almost every time."

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brich2331452d ago

My friend told me about this game yesterday, the farthest of gotten is too 13. Try it out, its worth checking out. Beware you might get pissed at the game.

shivvy241452d ago

Lol I'm on 14, I've died like a shit ton on 0

JarqueMcLark1450d ago

There are some amazing high score runs here -

akhmenhawk171452d ago

One comment with this amount of heat?
It's obvious that something is up, considering a similar issue happened yesterday.

V12Mercedes1452d ago

It's because of page views. This article alone just forced me to purchase a server upgrade for my site.

i8urCAKE1452d ago


StephanyAnn141452d ago

i got 65 ..above your level

wbic161451d ago

My best is 62 so far. I'm offering 1000 doge for the first 1000 score linked to my Twitter feed @wbic16.

NSANiTY1452d ago

Finally got my Platinum metal. 40 on the dot. Now it's time to see how much further I can go.

Max-Zorin1452d ago

That game is harder than Chakan the Forever Man.

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