Opinion: Apart from the screen, is PS Vita Slim the ‘better’ version?

Sony has just announced that the ‘2000’ version of their handheld PS Vita is finally coming to the West. Previously exclusive to Japan, the UK retailers are now taking pre-orders for the ‘Slim’ model, which will be released this February (US release details are yet to be announced). Not everyone will agree on its £180 ($300) price tag, and the fact that the system will only come in Black.

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dedicatedtogamers1601d ago

I love the OLED, but I see nothing wrong with the new Vita. For starters, it doesn't have the glossy front. Mine gets COVERED with fingerprints and smudge. I have to windex it on a daily basis.

TomShoe1601d ago

It really depends.

If you're a first time Vita buyer, get the slim.

If you can't live without dat OLED, keep it.

dedicatedtogamers1601d ago

Or just keep the OLED and buy the new one anyway... :)

Th4Freak1601d ago

If you ever play Lone Survivor or Proteus your opinion about can't live without OLED will change.

Eddie201011600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

The OLED screen on the PS Vita is noticeably better than the screen on the PS Vita Slim but the PS Vita Slims screen does not look nearly as bad as the completely smudged and dirty screen he is showing in the video. The PS Vita Original is almost completely clean where the PS Vita Slim side is completely smudged from top to bottom, so much so that it seems deliberate. A completely smudged screen like the one in the video can easily make the picture it produces look washed out and blurry.

If it was not deliberate, clean the screen and re do the video so there's not discrepancy.

The Led screen on the PS Vita Slim is still pretty good and if you didn't put them side by side you would think the PS Vita slims screen looked pretty damn good. Plus there are many advantages over the PS Vita original, longer battery life, lighter and slimmer among other things. You would not be unhappy with the New PS Vita Slim unless you have to have the absolute very best screen that is offered by the original PS Vita.

Codey471600d ago

@ dedicated

I've been looking for oleophobic screen protectors since launch...but to no avail :(

Oh, I've found some but don't know whether they're any good.

I'm fully prepared to let someone be a guinea pig.

admiralvic1601d ago

Apart from the screen, there really isn't much difference.

I think the original looks like a more expensive product, where as the 2,000 version looks plasticy, but that doesn't exactly make the system better or worse. The memory is great for holding saves, though you would need a memory card for almost any online purchase or to hold a few updates. The reduced size is nice, but that will vary from person to person. I like electronics being a little beefier and again, this doesn't really make the system better or world.

All things considered, the only reason to not find a 1,000, is if you aren't interested in the Vita at the moment or can find the 2,000 for a lot less.

caleyforsythe1601d ago

never really found this to be 'portable' - maybe cuz i have small hands :(

SpiralTear1601d ago

It is rather large for a portable. It's not something you can put in your pocket, though I have a 3DS XL too and that's not a pocket system either. Vita has a big screen, though.

I swear, these handhelds are getting bigger every generation. Soon, they're gonna be bigger than the original Game Boy.

Dasteru1601d ago

"I swear, these handhelds are getting bigger every generation."


bjmartynhak1601d ago

It actually fits in my pocket, but I always have my cell phone in one and my wallet in the other. I don't want to force the sticks or risk scratching the screen though. And most of the games are not really for 5-10 min bursts... they are more immersive, not really portable ones.

That's why I would prefer a Vita more like the Nvidia Shield, bulkier, more comfortable and with all buttons. I really miss the L2/R2,L3/3
It's four button less! And often not well mapped on the rear and front touchpad.

captain_slow821601d ago

im still on the fence about buying one :/

i know it would compliment my ps4 very well with being able to stream ps4 games to it but are the games really that good? or would i be better off sitcking to my console games on the big screen?

ive not owned a handheld since the gameboy O.O so may end up being a waste of money in my case :/

jspillen1600d ago

I love my Vita and use it more than I expected to.

teflontactics1601d ago

Lol, that's like asking "apart from its value, why do you like money?"

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