Persona 4 Golden Is On Sale

oprainfall writes:

"I know most of us already have Persona 4 Golden, but for the few who don’t, it is on sale! The game can be yours for $19.99 plus shipping."

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dedicatedtogamers1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

One of the best RPGs of all time, regardless of platform. I've sunk countless hours into the Vita version.

And it makes me hopeful that we'll see an eventual "Persona 5: Golden"

*crosses fingers

kratoz12091664d ago

Agreed This game was awesome :D
this and Ni No Kuni were the best JRPG games i have played in a long time

McScroggz1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Such an amazing game. I might buy the various spin-off games just to support the IP and get to spend just a little more time with the cast.

Inception1664d ago

Already bought it at $25. Worth every penny of it!

Can't wait for P5 :D

phantomexe1664d ago

I don't think i'd get into it. It sounds like a high school drama. I've never played it and most seem to like it but what i read about it. It just don't sound like something i'd play and i love jrpgs. Not bashing i'm glad so many enjoy it and it's from a great developer.

Inception1664d ago

I suggest you should try it. Yes, there's some high school drama, a good one too, but primarily it still a murder case combine with Jung psychology about 'pursuing you true self'. Even in one of P4G mode (art & entertainment), you can learn more about Jung psychology.

Also, Atlus put some japanese myth like Izanagi, Jiraiya, Konohana Sakuya, and so on to the story. It made P4G more deep and complex compare to other JRPG this day, except Nier / Drakengard 3 / SMT IV.

akiraburn1664d ago

As a suggestion, I'd recommend watching a bit of gameplay on Youtube. You might find yourself with a different perception of the game from that, because I don't personally think the game has much to do with drama. Although from some of the descriptions they may make it seem like a game weighted around high school drama, there are so many facets to this title that it's very hard to say what someone might think of it after experiencing it.

It's focus is on a series of murders that start occurring around town, and this all happens shortly after your character arrives. Your character has to stay with his uncle for a year, because his parents have left for overseas work. So you start high school as a new student and begin taking on the part of the gameplay is based around social skills. You start building and strengthening connections with people that you meet in your new school, jobs you take on, quests that people give you, and other social activities.

The "action" side of gameplay is focused on real JRPG turn-based battle. Your characters either attack with weapons you can purchase for them or you can have them summon the powers from their persona, which are essentially manifestations of their inner selves and for your purposes they're similar to how magic works in other JRPGs. Your social skills take a strong part in your allies' capabilities during combat. By strengthening your bonds with allies outside of the combat, they gain additional skills, combat capabilities, and much more.

The story is a mix of several things. Its a mature look into the many different personalities and personality traits that exist, as well as telling a murder mystery of which you have some control over the outcome, and it has a lighthearted side too with lot of comedy (some of it actually being pretty funny). There is a high school "coming of age" story wrapped in there, but it's not really involved much on the "expected" drama relationship aspects.

So as I mentioned, it'd be worth checking out further, because if you love JRPGs this could very well become a top favorite. I know it did that for me. I'm on my second playthrough, and I can't recommend this highly enough. And just for reference, I also can not stand any of the typical high school drama anime that's out there. Stuff like Berserk, Akira, and Ninja Scroll are more along the lines of what I would enjoy.

ELpork1664d ago

Glad I still have my overly big collectors edition. Stupid stickers will never be stuck to anything.

ELpork1663d ago

I bought 2, but I worked at gamestop, so I knew when they were pre-orderable. Gave one to a friend! They seemed happy.

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