Infamous: Second Son Gives PS4 Owners Faith in the System’s Future

Throughout the life of the PlayStation 3, Sony put out console exclusive after console exclusive, and one of its most popular was a new-on-the-PS3 franchise, Infamous. The two games in the series (and campaign DLC) followed protagonist Cole McGrath, an average guy bestowed with superhuman electricity-based powers. As the game went on, players made morality-based decisions, and Cole’s powers developed in a direction that reflect those choices. Simply put, you could be a good guy or a bad guy, and both paths opened up different gameplay options.

The demo was brief, but it confirmed one important idea: Despite the changes to the series, Second Son is every bit an Infamous game. The gameplay is much the same as it was before, at least at first glance, but the ability to cultivate and use multiple types of powers promises to offer players a more robust set of gameplay options

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B-radical1606d ago

Sony will announce more games at e3

Eonjay1606d ago

No doubt. I will be looking for some original IPs as well.

erathaol1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Everyone will announce more games at E3. We're going to be reeling from how many next-gen titles we see and how good they all look.

So damn excited!

"...cultivate and use multiple types of powers promises to offer players a more robust set of gameplay options."

showtimefolks1605d ago

no by just calling it playstation it gives us faith that it will be supported well since that's sony's DNA gaming wise

Infamous 2nd son is just the starting point of what could be one of the best gaming years for ps4, exclusives will be there and now games in 1080P-60FPS 3rd party titles

ultimate gaming console.

You knows what's funny is when people buy launch consoles and expect great games. Been a gamer for 20 plus years and guess what? we buy consoles based off the assumption that games will come later

Aceman181605d ago

hey foxnews i dont need infamous second son to give me hope in the PS4 future, i already have it because of Sony history for supporting the platform with games.

Eddie201011605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Does any one really believe that Sony and the PS4 will not bring many great games that will take advantage of the system, Of course there will be many, many great games on the PS4, no one has anything to wary about in that department. The only one's who believe that there will not be are the fanboys.

I have the utmost faith that not just one but many great games will come to the PS4.

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DanielGearSolid1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Foxnews? I thought they hate games

Btw I'm not being sarcastic, I thought I read on multiple occasions them attempting to blame bad things on games

kingdom181606d ago

Urgh... I can't stand to hear anything about Faux News

wsoutlaw871605d ago

it really really bothers me that so many people watch that garbage

erathaol1605d ago

Actually, there are a few, shall we say defenders?

MysticStrummer1606d ago

Sony's gaming history since PS1 gives PS4 owners faith in the system's future.

Eonjay1606d ago

This was alluded to in the article.

iiorestesii1606d ago

Worse titled article ever...

PS4isKing_821606d ago

The fact that it's a playstation is all the faith I need.
Since 1995 Sony has consistently been the one company I can always count on to give me the best gaming experiences money can buy.

bobsmith1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

mlb 14 the show comes out same month as infamous I think and driveclub maybe too
gives me lots of faith in ps4's future

majiebeast1606d ago

I think MLB will be May because of the new hardware, MLB 2007 also launched in May.

combatcash1606d ago

Will drivclub still be free? I hope so.

Plasticgearsolid1606d ago

since when was driveclub free?

Kivespussi1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Driveclub "PS+ Edition" will be available for PS+ subscribers. That's basically driveclub but it doesn't include just everything. Things like tracks, cars etc. You have to buy the full game to get everything BUT I think it's not that good idea to pay a price of a full game for just tracks and cars (but I have a feeling that the digital version will have some kind of discount)

Bob Dole1605d ago

^^ Sposed to be a f2p lite version for ps+ or something.

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