BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Launch Bonus Details

oprainfall writes:

"If you pre-order the PS3 version of the game, you will receive a special bonus in your game. This special gift is being able to play as Yuuki Terumi, a cool and sly hero who is obsessed with destroying everything and everyone in your path."

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Snookies121630d ago

What? Wow, they're actually holding a character back if you don't pre-order? Come on Arc System, I had more faith in you than that...

darkness6251630d ago

Aside from terumi, they have another character that's not on disc. Which is kokonoe and i think you have to buy her as dlc.

Hicken1630d ago

Yep, Kokonoe IS DLC, which is very disappointing. I absolutely LOVE this franchise(mostly thanks to Noel), but I'm not too fond of these decisions...

XisThatKid1630d ago

Whatevs I pre ordered anyway. Terumi is my fav character it's a plus Hazama is ganna still be my main. He'll come in an update or DLC anyway eventually.

iMaim1630d ago

Thanks ArcSys, I'll just wait for Chrono Phantasma Extend instead.

darkness6251629d ago

Actually i'd rather they don't make an extended version, it was a very gay thing of them to do. And I hope they are working on the sequel instead of the extended version.

gunboss2011630d ago

No fair!! where is the VITA bonus?