Iwata: No one thought we had a future before Wii/DS and look at us now

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata cites the fact that people were counting them out of the video game industry before they released the DS/Wii and uses that as an example as to why they shouldn't be counted out now with the Wii U performing the way it is.

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phantomexe1571d ago

It only takes one game to spark a frenzy. I've yet to pick up a WiiU but if that X game is half as good as it looks i'm game for it. I'm picking up a 3ds very soon because of bravely defult.

wonderfulmonkeyman1571d ago

Same here.
X is making me want to restart Xenoblade Chronicles, and Bravely Default looks like one of the few times I'll actually totally enjoy a turn-based RPG again.[I've gotten more into semi-action[like Ar Tonelico 2's system] or full-action RPG's.]

XisThatKid1571d ago

Yea but they didn't have to go as far as to say something like this to convince us before

Dgander1571d ago

If X is even half as good as Xenoblade im buying a copy as soon as possible. Xenoblade Chronicles was just that good.

wonderfulmonkeyman1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Glad someone within the company is finally using this reasoning.
It won't shut the haters up, but it's gladdening to know that Iwata isn't giving up without a fight, and that he still has faith in the system and a sensible outlook based on Nintendo's history.

It'll take one game to spark the frenzy and another couple to get the momentum flowing.
With all of the great indie stuff coming on top of new experimental spin-offs from third parties using Nintendo characters, on top of the already-verified 2014 line-up, the announcement of an account system, the DS games for E-shop, and the possibility of a "Cheaper games just for playing" type of service down the road, Nintendo's got a lot of loaded guns ready to fire.

And for once, they're not aiming those guns at their own feet.

Fingers crossed, Nintendo.
For the sake of your franchises surviving and staying where they're meant to be, I hope you guys can turn this around quickly. [not that you'd let those games go to other consoles even if you died anyways, though...XD]

Dunban671571d ago

What is the confirmed 2014 list of games?

mrbojingles1570d ago

off the top of my head, Wii U games confirmed for 2014 are: Watch Dogs, Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart 8, Yarn Yoshi, Super Smash Bros, SMT x Fire Emblem, Monolith's X, and Bayonetta 2 and that free to play new Steel Diver.

That of course doesn't include any surprises or indie titles.

link2Dpast1571d ago

Nintendo always seems to be counted out and as time tells they are durable. Be it the wii was pure luck but hey that's what their name signifies. It was a cultural phenomenon. The only basis of thought i could put together on why many people feel they will not see tomorrow is base on the fact that they build their own roads instead of going down the same one every one else uses and so many are afraid of the unknown.

Yes their ideas may seem odd and honestly unnecessary but these creators/developers think in a different way than us, their are people who see words and colors in music , Nintendo sees stuff in a different perspective than the competitors. The ideas may seem extremely hallucinogenic and out of the box but all the great artist/important people in history did stuff different. Praise individuality, don't scold it, for this would be George Orwells 1984 movie incarnated

Hicken1571d ago

And now people are thinking you may leave the console business entirely.

Not really a point in time where there should be bragging, with forecasts slashed and all. Time to right the ship and get back to pumping out the quality!

ZeekQuattro1571d ago

People have been saying that since Nintendo started making its own videogame platforms. Lets not act like this just started with the Wii U. Plus I'm not sure how telling people they aren't going anywhere is bragging.

Hicken1571d ago

Perhaps I used the wrong word. Rather than bragging, I feel like they should- for a while at least- act as if they're further up the creek than they really are.

It comes off more like arrogance if they're saying, even now, that people have been wrong about them before(and really, I don't think anybody was doubting them after the NES or SNES). Instead, the "We screwed up, and we're gonna do everything in our power to fix it" attitude would be better. Even if they only display that outwardly, while inwardly maintaining the confidence of "We've been here before, and we know what we're doing."

That could just be me, but I feel like it was that unflappable confidence that got them in this situation in the first place. Not saying they're gonna fail and collapse or anything, but just as far as the Wii U is concerned(and the early days of the 3DS, too).

X1PS4WiiU1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

To the people who said the Wii was pure luck, go watch the e3 video where iwata reveals the Wii.

Listen to how confident he was that it would be a gaming revolution. They knew what they were doing. They even called it the revolution.

I think the one game that iwata says will change everything, is a NFC game. They said they'll reveal it at e3. It could definitely be Miyamotos new IP.

Iwata said card collecting video games are extremely popular in Japan, but he'd like to make one with physical cards.

An NFC video game, with physical cards, that is used on a tablet, is an untapped market.

This could be a big hit, in at least Japan. This could be their ace up their sleeve, that justifys the gamepads existence.

Id bet this is the "new type of game" iwata said they are creating, but will only reveal it closer to release, to prevent from being copied.

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