Microsoft Jumps on the Superbowl Hype with Xbox One’s Forza 5 in NYC

Racing game fans willing to brave the cold can play Forza Motorsports 5 on Xbox Ones provided by Microsoft at the Superbowl event in Times Square from now until Saturday.


There may be an Xbox One giveaway at the event.

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WeAreLegion1627d ago

Jumps on? They have actively been partnering with the NFL.

TomShoe1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Gotta corner that dudebro market, ya know?

Cawd, Spawts, 4Za, Haylo, Geers. The five Xbox pillars.

OT: Microsoft is struggling with almost every other country aside from a select few (UK, Australia, Brazil), so the only way is for them to double up the PS4 in the US, and we know that's not gonna happen.


Lol you say that like Sony just decided to stop making games altogether.

lonewolfjedi1627d ago

Microsoft is not playing when it comes to marketing they using every tactic they can think of

donman11627d ago

And yet its not making much of a difference in sales. Xbox720 struggles with frame rates and lower resolution is becoming a serious problem for Microsoft.

lonewolfjedi1627d ago

Yeah only if they used this same brain and man power to actually develop the console then 1080p and 60 fps wouldn't be such a problem

Pogmathoin1627d ago

Yeah, the difference is astounding, like looking at the night sky, then looking at the night-sky with binoculars, seeing the same star with no difference.... Incredible....

truefan11627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

So let me get this straight the $100 more expensive console in it's 3rd generation compared to the 4th for Sony, after the debacle that was e3, is only behind about 300,000 in it's 2 top regions and that's struggling, really. Ps4 is selling more, but XB1 is still selling very well. You seem to forget 2.5 months does not a race make. There are a lot of possibilities, what if this NFL partnership turns into free NFL ticket that will get some more buys, You are forgetting Halo possibly coming 2015 and Gears in 2016, Ps4 doesn't have a match for that. We see MSFT investing heavily in it's games, what have we seen from sony outside of a promise, what if MSFT cuts another check to make titanfall exclusive forever. Man there is so much time left in this generation, but keep on thinking it's over, you better hope the success hasn't gone to sony's head. I personally like MSFT chasing Sony, because we benefit. Titanfall, PvZ, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark>>>>>>& gt;the order (may not even come out in 2014), drive club, infamous, uncharted

georgeenoob1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )


Play the games not the resolution. Xbox has the best game, need I make a list comparison?

And ads obviously help in some form, sorry playstation fans.

mcstorm1627d ago

@georgeenoob your spot on. I have never bought a console or ever will buy a console because its the most powerful as powerful dose not = anything. Its all about the games im interested in that makes me buy a console. At this moment in time the WiiU and Xbox one have the games im interested in the most. The PS4 will have them too but at this moment it has not so that's the only reason why I don't own a PS4 at this moment in time.

Also as an example of power dose not = anything look at the PSV. The hardware is amazing but it lacks the quality software where its the other way round for the 3DS.

Get over this power thing people it was never an issue for the PSX, PS2 or wii and its the same this time round for the WiiU and Xbox one.

If you buy a games console just because of its power why not buy a PC?

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JokesOnYou1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

donman Well you can say that but the facts are in the US where this nfl partnership and Super Bowl Ad event with Forza5 takes place NPD confirmed X1 outsold ps4 by a small margin in the 1st full month/Dec of head to head sales. What will Jan #s say?... Who knows but I think X1 and ps4 are pretty close in the US with ps4 a bit ahead, 1 big month for X1 could easily change that so it's way too early to suggest micros X1 marketing isn't working. WW obviously ps4 is doing better with more markets, ps4 still has to launch in Japan and X1 has a ton of markets it still needs to hit....point is theres a long gen ahead with tons of variables that will far outweigh some early ports.

Hicken1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

The facts also say that the XB1 managed that small margin of victory while facing supply constrained competition who hasn't shelled out nearly as much marketing money and isn't running as the incumbent.

And while Japan is a huge market for the PS4, there just aren't any such markets left for the XB1, so don't expect much of an increase in sales, no matter where else they launch.

In short, Microsoft pretty much HAS to pull off some great marketing to get or keep people interested; the dubious VGChartz shows their console dropping off in sales at a faster rate than Sony's. And it seems that, for now at least, the PS4 is managing to stay in stock- though we've already sold out of the ones we last got; frozen roads have prevented any new shipments, though- which means the PS4 is more likely to see a bigger month than the XB1 is.

Edit: We'll stop talking about it when it's no longer relevant, duh.

JokesOnYou brought up the marginal lead in December, when there weren't many PS4s on shelves to sell; why would that NOT be relevant?

And yes, Sony could have taken the MS route, but I don't think that's how they do business. It's worked out well for them, thus far, as the PS4 has shown itself to be the most popular console, and the fastest selling console in history. Demand is high everywhere; not the worst problem to have, since what they're able to supply is selling quickly enough that they're still able to outpace their competition.

Why change that?

Sitdown1627d ago

At what point do we put the supply constraint excuse to bed?..... perhaps Sony should have scaled back the number of territories it launched in so soon.

DanielGearSolid1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Both companies should take the golden opportunity to reveal some exclusives with superbowl commercials

Sayai jin1627d ago

I would like to see new game commercials from both MS and Sony during the Super Bowl. Thise commercial are very expensive though.

On topic, Marketing does wonders.

Ripsta7th1627d ago

I think Sony will air ps4 commercials during Super Bowl but MS will have more TV spots

DanielGearSolid1627d ago

I just REALLY don't want to see that damn Perfect Day commercial, showcase some pretty graphics dammit

WeAreLegion1627d ago

It's not cost effective. Maybe a commercial for the PS4 itself, but not any specific game, sadly.

Plasticgearsolid1627d ago

Some one say ps4 montaggee???

MorePowerOfGreen1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Not only has MSFT partnered up with the NFL many months ago the local team is in the Superbowl. The Xbox brand has always been a companion brand with the Seahawks brand. Xbox One will obviously have tailgate events this game as the did in the last local playoff game.

fenome1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Wonder if they'll give 'em blankets and pizza?

Spend a grip of money on advertising, but spit in your face in person. I'm sorry but I don't even care any more, I'm gonna troll my ass along on this one and say instead of Kinect it should of came with KY :p

I might be slightly intoxicated

fenome1627d ago

I'm obviously lost and confused

*hangs head in shame and walks away*

ambientFLIER1627d ago

Spits on your face in person? Did MS kill your dog or something?

fenome1626d ago

Ha! No, I was having a bad day and venting I guess. I have no idea why I posted this , I try not to be so immature about things. I don't like how they treat their fans is all. Every company needs to make money, but they're just jerks about. I honestly don't understand why people defend them so vehemently (not you, just in general).

I understand liking the console and the games, but people will defend them no matter what. I honestly think that the only reason they were trying to go always online in the first place was to make sure every single person that bought the console would have to pay the subscription no matter what. Instead of making actually want it, they'd rather force it.

Sorry about the long-winded reply and childish remarks in the first place, I had no business even commenting in this thread. Game on my friend :)

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