Nintendo selling Wii U for $225 online

Gimme Gimme Games writes:

"Want a Wii U? Discouraged by Nintendo's recent statements that they won't drop the system's price? Well, now's the time to buy one, directly from Nintendo no less!"

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eworthington01481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

You should. Just because it isn't selling so well doesn't mean its bad. I have one and I love it.
2014 is going to be pretty cool too. Cant wait. I really wish people weren't so hard on nintendo. Sony is great, Microsoft I am indifferent towards but I would hate to miss out on some cool new nintendo games.
If you were kidding please don't be mean.
I am staying out of ridiculous system fights.

Its counter productive.
We should just be having fun.
Hope you get it.

WildArmed1480d ago

Nintendo has some great first party games, personally I'm pretty excited about their new zelda!

GamersHeaven1481d ago

Just wait for another price cut its coming soon I can guarantee you that the console is pretty much dead.

R00bot1481d ago

Why is it dead? It's heading for its best year ever, the way I see it. So many exclusives coming :)

R00bot1481d ago

And you probably either have, or plan on buying a PS4 or XBO. -_-

wonderfulmonkeyman1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

People who have been waiting for a lower price have been out of that excuse for a while now.
Online deals have existed for quite a bit, at very good prices, and this is one of the best one's I've seen.

It's when things like this fail to make the system sell better, that I feel justified in saying the price point is not the problem and that the people asking for the price to drop are only making things worse.
I'm firmly convinced that many if not most of them don't even really WANT a system; they just want to see Nintendo hurt worse with a price drop that still won't be enough to shift consoles.

To the people that I KNOW are going to click disagree on this post, if you say I'm wrong about you not really wanting the console, and you're not waiting for specific games[which would justify a further wait regardless of price], then it's time you PROVE ME WRONG WITH ACTION.

Put your money where your mouth is.

If you want a lower price, this is as low as it's been in ages.
You won't get a better deal without making Nintendo suffer unreasonable losses per console sold and thus ticking off their investors in the next meeting due to lower profits from the ludicrous price drop.
So, if you're not lying about wanting the system, and your only reason really was just waiting for a good price[read: not insane, like $199, or worse, $99] for the console, there's your reasonable price drop right there.
Go get it.
Otherwise it'll be assumed that you're just wanting to see Nintendo harmed by bad decisions that you yourselves asked for.

If you're waiting for specific games on top of a price drop, then that's fine to keep waiting for, but don't just sit there with your thumbs up your bums if price point is your only qualm now.

Don't go full Pachter, folks.
If the price is what's holding you back, the solution is knocking at your door, right here and now.

Reeze1481d ago

+1 well said!


BoneBone1481d ago

Nintendo have said they won't be dropping the price, so grab a bargain when and where you can, while you can.

Nintendo will only have a finite amount of refurbs in stock - once they're gone, they're gone... best thing about these is there will probably be no difference between these and a brand new unit.

eworthington01480d ago

I bought it when it was 350 and i dont regret it one bit. That really is how much its worth. Dropping the price any more would make it the same price as 3ds xl and thats stupid.
I hate these phony "nintendo is dying" articles.
They are misleading and stir up a lot of unnecessary conflict.

Most likely never posting on this site again... A lot of negativity. I am a nintendo fan, i dont want to be shamed because of it. I grew up with them and they keep making me happy. Thats really all i want. I dont oppose microsoft or sony, i have owned some of their systems. I never felt like yelling at people through a headset and i never experienced a sudden urge to wear zipper pants.
I enjoy games for games. Thats all. Im not angry creepy dork about it.
I value sony as a great game company. Microsoft, i am indifferent towards. Nintendo is always going to be an important company that keeps making good games. You dont like them, please dont keep making rotten articles and repeatedly coming back to these ones and saying rotten things.
We are all just trying to have fun here. A war in happy fun downtime ville is very very dumb.
Sure you are entitled to your opinions, but when has that ever served anyone well?
Why hurt someone when you could be getting upset about REAL things, like murder or something.

Its about time you got over yourselves.
Again, to keep the peace, please stop being angry mean boners.
Thank you.

Sincerely, Ethan