Nintendo providing refunds for Batman: Arkham Origins season pass on Wii U, story campaign canned

Nintendo is refunding Wii U owners who have purchased Batman: Arkham Origins' season pass.

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nick3091656d ago

They need to refund ppl who bought this game on wii u thinking that the dlc will come there, they couldve gotten any of the other versions.

DanielGearSolid1656d ago

Meh... Like 6 ppl bought it on WiiU

Riderz13371656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Six people?

You are giving the Wii U too much credit...Lower your expectations ^^

Edit - Come on people it was just a joke lolz.

WitWolfy1656d ago

Gotta love em Ninty fanboys. Whats the bet that more than half of those people who disagreed probably dont even have WiiUs

sinjonezp1656d ago

Nintendo needs to buy Rare back ASAP.

maniacmayhem1655d ago

God help any person who said that joke about Sony or MS in their related article.

De-bubbled and marked for trolling real fast.

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hiredhelp1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Soo much sarcasm hate towords a brand a company thats been going before playstation and xbox.
Only nintendo systems ive had NES,Gameboy's,Snes,N64,Gam ecube.
Nintendo not same as they once were but they still going soo there is a fanbase so lets respect that.

Plus wasnt for nintendo we not have a playstation with nintendo backing out last minute.

xDHAV0K24x1655d ago

this is why MSFT should just buy them out and stick it to sony

quantae061655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

All these Nintendo haters. Keep hating all you want, it won't stop me from gaming on Nintendo platforms.

Baccra171655d ago

Just like you won't stop me from gaming on Dreamcast.

Anyone can game on a dead system, so long as they have one and games for it. Nothing to be proud of.

SoulSercher6201655d ago

I'm pretty sure no one on here's trying to stop you. Still doesn't change the fact the Wii U is in trouble.

liquidhalos1655d ago

Aah my dream cast finally gave up just before Christmas, superb console. Awesome fun

DryBoneKoopa851656d ago

I just finished this game for the Wii U and liked it A LOT. Sure there were some pretty annoying bugs they needed to iron out other then that I like the game quite a bit.

Really bummed about this. The situation is not getting any better for Nintendo. When are they going to step in and change the course of the Wii U. I feel like there all but abandoning it at this point. They don't seem to care about third party making it onto the console. Iwata didn't even mention the third party situation at the meeting the other night even though it was brought to his attention. Instead he went on about QOL and such stuff.

Reggie and Nintendo PROMISED yet again there would be no gamming drought for this year and the only real good games coming out is DK: TF in Feb. After that its May that we see Mario Kart 8.

Nintendo REALLY needs to fix this situation before going on to create some stupid third pillar for there company. I don't want to see Nintendo disappear into the void of nothing but Nintendo is not really doing much to stop it. You would think with that 11 billion dollars in the bank they would throw some at third party's to get them on the console. Look at what Microsoft did with 1 billion invested into third party dev's. Even after the whole DRM debacle there is no shortage of games for the console. Nintendo needs to learn to spend some money to make some money. They like to take risks well they need to take risks on getting third party dev's on the console.

(End Rant) Sometimes as a fan of Nintendo I get stressed out over the dumb choices they make.

Phil321656d ago

Can't really fix 20 years of third-party mistakes in one meeting.

XiSasukeUchiha1656d ago

Damn Nintendo hopefully you can recover!

KevinCubes1656d ago

WiiU version of watchdogs will feature mario as a playable character

gamerqc1656d ago

Watch_Dogs Wii U probably won't see the light of day.

LOL_WUT1656d ago

Yup it's been canceled ;)

Metallox1656d ago

@LOL_WUT Man, no. Not officiallly. And still, it will arrive

Chrischi19881656d ago

Watchdogs is actually a game, a lot of people would buy for Wii U, instead of the other plattforms and I believe Ubi knows this.

It is not canceled and maybe you guys should not use a gamestop italy webpagebug as source for spreading these kind of lies. There has never been an official statement from ubi about it and the List from Nintendo isnt that reliable either, because a month ago, there was no Bayonetta 2 in it and we all know, it will come to Wii U or it will never see the light of day.

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stragomccloud1656d ago

Geez. And people these guys wonder why the sales of Wii U versions don't do as well! This is a perfect example!

DanielGearSolid1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

This is a reaction to the game bombing on WiiU in the first place...

Unless you're telling me ppl looked into the future and saw the dlc getting cancelled so they didn't buy the game

Side Note: The Batman brand sells well in every single entertainment medium... So its failure on the wiiU is pretty telling

stragomccloud1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Well, they didn't have to look into the future. They knew how often DLC is announced then cancelled, or never even announced at all for Wii U, so they'd be more likely to buy other versions instead.

Chrischi19881656d ago

And please, dont forget, that the game was gimped from the very start, with no multiplayer, this just adds salt to the wound.

Ol_G1656d ago

you know wii u version was missing online multiplayer so yeah they brought it on themselves it was an inferior version AGAIN

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