New Video Game could help diagnose Alzheimer’s

Pharmaceutical Giant Pfizer Inc. is working with video game developer Akili Interactive Labs in order to see if video games can help catch early signs of Alzheimer’s in the elderly. They’re conducting a trial in which 100 healthy elderly people will be assessed before and while they play a game designed specifically for the test.

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That's why video games rock!

TheVideoGamHer1483d ago

I don't have Alzheimer's, but it does run in my family (and I have some memory issues lol). I'll honestly be looking forward to this for myself.

Metallox1483d ago

Cool. I have to add that playing video games in a modest quantity of time may help to prevent this illness.

kingdip901483d ago

My god this is amazing.

I'm 30 and have been having memory issues of late, the test for Alzheimer's (not a definitive test but a test for strong markers) requires a spinal tap to test spinal fluid and is not at all comfortable.

If I could have avoided the spinal headache for a week and just played a video game instead... well it would have been god send.

I sincerely hope this is successful

WeAreLegion1483d ago

Spinal taps are horrible. I've been tested for so many things, so I'm glad I've only had two spinal taps...or lumbar punctures, as they call it on the hospital, to make you feel better. Lol.

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