Nintendo's New Business Strategy

Nintendo is a strange beast when it comes to success. On one hand they have the 3DS a massively successful device which has been selling well since its initial price drop. Then one the other hand there’s the Wii U which hasn’t been doing amazingly although it has held its own to at least some degree.

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combatcash1449d ago

More games more advertising, I'm not sure if the new Zelda game is out yet but that was an impressive looking game and I think it could have some selling power people have been waiting for a Zelda game that truly looked next gen.

WonderboyIII1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

The Wii was the market's first attempt at targeting the casuals with home consoles. And it worked well. Casuals though realized that they were not using the Wii much. For example, I just remembered right now that I still have the Wii fit board lying around in the garage.Which I used only 2 times. I gave my Wii to a family friend for her kids to play. When the Wiiu came along, it was still targeting casuals. The name, the tablet, the lesser hardware, this all proves that Nintendo isn't willing to play the game like it did with the NES, SNES, N64, Cube by having hardware on par with the competition. Casuals couldn't see the need to upgrade to the WiiU as it wasn;t that different from the Wii and were not going for eye candy and the rest of the fans who were more hardcore realized that Nintendo still ditched them with its business strategy. Nintendo needs to support the WiiU and release another console just for the hardcore or cut the lifespan of the WiiU and go for a console that is on par with hardware, but has the gimmicks and wiimote/kinect/move like gadgets as a side. This will get more third party support, get the loyal hardcore fans back onboard and still support the casuals who can get their 10 minute daily buzz if they felt like it. IMHO, there is nothing else that they can do to fix this.