Crafty Gamer Strikes Back at Microsoft Ad with A Creative Ad for PlayStation

Junkie Monkeys: Microsoft recently made headlines by telling gamers who own a PlayStation 3 to ditch their consoles and receive $100 towards the purchase of an Xbox One. Now thanks to one clever gamer, Sony has their own ad they can use in retaliation and we have to admit, it’s a good one.

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iGAM3R-VIII1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

lmao this is pretty funny

Sony doesn't need an ad or anything, they are already selling more PS4's than X1's and they are selling it FAIRLY.

WillGuitarGuy1295d ago

Did you seriously change your comment from "Not funny, not even in the slightest" to "lmao this is pretty funny"? Come on now.

I saw a comment earlier saying that even if you were to sell your PS3 for $100, you would still get more bang for your buck by getting a PS4. It made me chuckle.

ShinMaster1295d ago

That was pretty funny LOL

Microsoft pretty much set themselves up for that joke with that "$100" comment.

DigitalHope1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

You'd almost think one company doesn't want it's first big game going up against something as small as a little Naughty Dog DLC.

EDIT: Im an idiot, somehow I thought it was in March, its in Feb, my mistake.

erathaol1295d ago

Woo, get some aprons on boys, we're having a BBQ!~

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hulk_bash19871295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )


Right if it wasn't meant as a direct jab then they would have Put "Ditch Your PS3/360". But the way it was advertised you can't tell me that wasn't Microsoft's intention. Also games are pretty sparse on both sides of the fence right now. It's all about preference and what future games have you excited. I myself couldn't wait to play both Killzone: Shadowfall and Knack at launch which is what pushed me to get a PS4 launch day. iNfamous: SS, the Order: 1886 and Driveclub are just some games that reaffirm my purchase as "worth it".

Giul_Xainx1295d ago

1 word for this:

Clever. Obvious but clever.

Next week they will throw in 3 free months of XBL with the deal.

I wonder what the comeback ad will say.....

SheenuTheLegend1295d ago

PS4 was revealed way before than xbox one without having any drm thingy

nix1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )


you just got F for Failure.

OT: "This is for the gamers" yup.. totally!

miyamoto1295d ago

This is phenomenal of epic proportions.
PS4 does not even has to lift a finger.
PS4 just let M$'s stupidity do the advertising for it.
Now this is real power!

I told you guys the PS4 is way too incredible beyond Xbone's league!

Kryptix1295d ago Show
iGAM3R-VIII1294d ago

It's because I didn't see the full pic so all I saw as 100 bucks for ignoring MS which isnt right but when I saw the full picc it said SAVE 100 which is better sorry lool

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kopicha1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )


Sony did not train anyone. But it is just a simple logic that someone with brain would understand those logic in the first place. You do not need to train logic.

Also those claims you made are just claims without fact. Similar DRM or the camera for that matters in the PS4 are just something being speculate while there is no proof that they exist. But DRM on Xbox One is factual and that they did took a 180 on it despite what they emphasis much in the beginning during the reveal. If you wanna use speculate stuffs as a point I can also say Sony choose to remove the camera and put in additional 4GB of RAM making it what it is now without driving up the console cost. As there was a fact that in those prototypes PS4s only have 4GB originally. But no I aint going to use that as argument because all these are just rumor even till this day without PROOF. You are a big flaw right there trying to use rumor as logic.

Talking about rehashing games, Mind you MS isnt in a better shoe than you try to make up it up for. It is the same thing on Xbox that over half the exclusives are rehash stuffs. What's worst, even games that were originally planned and announced for 360 became Xbox One exclusive instead. So ya that is more games for you right there. How blind are you? And things have not gotten worst, when MS purchase GeOW rights, I believe you are one of those having a party right there following the announcement. Buying GeOW IP is not rehash. LOL ok... You have a great one dude.

Pogmathoin1294d ago

Great comment Xheavy, great to have time to troll peoples past comments, hilarious. Pretty lonely...
OT, in the age of memes and so on, this 'crafty' ad is not remotely funny.... I get it, but still, not close to making my lips move in a smile direction....

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GusHasGas1295d ago

I like what Sony's doing and what they tend to do: they just ignore whatever s**t their competitors throw at them (in this case, MS offering this deal) and let their fans handle it (in this case, the fans created the image). I know their motto is "4 the players!" but I think that our motto, as Sony fans, is "4 Sony!" Lol

georgeenoob1295d ago

What are you talking about? All Sony does is make unessessary jabs at MS. They've become very arrogant.

GusHasGas1295d ago


Sorry, but the last real, notable "jab" Sony took at MS was at E3, when Sony stressed the whole "no DRM" thing. Sony barely attacks MS directly. Tell me, when's the last time you saw Sony attack MS (immaturely) similarly to how MS is attacking Sony with their "ditch your PS3" deal?

Concertoine1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

To be fair this isnt even a jab at sony as it applies to the 360 as well. Its a pretty nice deal considering gamestop might give you 45 bucks for a 360.
I dont really care if the companies mess with each other though. Always fun to see the outcome xD

Whiskeyjacked871295d ago

Not a single agree on that comment. As sharp as a cudgel, you are.

Freedomland1295d ago


The ad clearly mentions PS3, not XBOX 360. Take a look at the ad first.

Tony-A1295d ago

What's most pathetic about MS' latest attempt is that the gamers would be getting the bad end of the bargain by doing that.

Essentially lose your PS3 and buy an Xbox One for $400...

Or KEEP your PS3 and buy a PlayStation 4 with the same $400.

In what universe does the first deal seem more appealing? Its almost February and Microsoft has yet to sound smart about anything involving their new platform. It blows my mind to think that, even with the total redundancy coming out of that corporation, they're still probably going to take silver this generation (in terms of sales).

cyber_daemonx1295d ago

@georgeenoob. You obviously didn't read the article, as it was created by a FAN not Sony.

DragonKnight1294d ago

@Whiskeyjacked87: That made me frickin' lol so much. Thanks for the humourous start to the day.

H0RSE1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

You're naive if you think Sony is "ignoring" what MS is doing. Sony is doing what they tend to do - play it safe. They lurk in the shadows of MS, watching their announcements, their reveals and all their blunders and/or glory, and then learn from community feedback/response, to help shape their next move.

I'm not saying Sony isn't innovative or can;t do anything without MS - Sony has proven that this isn't the case, but in terms of controversial subjects, like DRM or pay to play online fees, it seems more times than not that MS goes first, then Sony shows up looking like the hero, and many times, it's not just a coincidence...

Sony isn't ignoring anything - they are simply acting like they are ignoring. They're letting MS damage themselves, so they can play the "good guy" card.

rainslacker1294d ago

Sony wouldn't have had to take a job at MS at E3 if MS hadn't botched up the whole DRM/always on thing. People were clamoring to know if Sony was going to do the same thing, despite the fact they said they wouldn't several times before hand.

Sony used E3 to cement it's position on the issue on a major stage with no room for spin. The fact that it was at odds with MS plans is MS fault.

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The_Infected1295d ago

OMG hire him Sony! He's a good one:)

JoGam1295d ago

But the ad is hilarious. Can't stop laughing.

MAULxx1295d ago

Lol, man, you better run :) That was a zinger.
Very amusing.

Majin-vegeta1295d ago

Hahhah you earned a bubble xD