Epic Game Battles of History: Oblivion vs. Skyrim

The Late Night Game: So I was talking with my fellow losers the other day, and we found ourselves in a debate over which Elder Scrolls game was better: Oblivion or Skyrim. So of course as always, the best place to sort out an argument is on the internet. Here, I’m sure people will discuss the comparison with fair and impartial conversations while being entirely polite the whole time…pfffffft.

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MAJ0R1573d ago

Oblivion is the better game.

3-4-51573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

dealing with items in Oblivion was the reason I never played more than 6-7 hours of it.

Skyrim looks pretty good though.

MachineGunnTalk1573d ago

yes for explain the inventory menu i had a big problem with this, wish it was like oblivion's. Also the fighting mechanisms felt a bit slow compared to oblivions.

Irishguy951573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

Oblivion had better quests and storys. Also the RPG mechanics where better as races had different attributes and **** which Skyrim ditched. But Skyrim was better in every other area. Unique areas, combat, magic etc.

Both of them were **** though. Level scaling ****ing ruined them. Oblivion was pretty much my first game like that, so I played it to death before I noticed the insanely huge flaws the game had. It was no wonder leveling up never made a difference, why finding good loot never mattered etc. Skyrim is pretty much the same on a smaller scale but not small enough. The level scaling and loot still ruined it.

New Vegas >>> Bethesda game studios. The only 'RPG' from the dev since Morrowind that didn't entirely focus on 'exploring' above the actual gameplay mechanics.

NV was an RPG. FO3,Oblivion and Skyrim were exploration games with RPG mechanics sprinkled on top.

To anyone who thinks Skyrim was dumbed down, Oblivion was dumbed down first. Both of them were so dumbed down that they sucked the life out of the term 'RPG'/

Akuma071573d ago

So tell me if the level scaling is so bad then why can I snipe an ogre with one shot from my bow? Level scaling makes every area in the game relevant for the entire length of the game. Once you out level an area there is no reason to go back. Even with quests.

WolvesDude1573d ago

'New Vegas >>> Bethesda game studios. The only 'RPG' from the dev since Morrowind that didn't entirely focus on 'exploring' above the actual gameplay mechanics.'

I might be wrong but, Fallout New Vegas was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and not Bethesda Game Studios.

MAJ0R1573d ago

He has some points because many RPG elements were taken out that were in Morrowind. Both, however, improved in general despite the level scaling issue, but vanilla Oblivion had much more depth than Skyrim. The DLC was also terribly mediocre in Skyrim.

I feel they could have made Skyrim so much better... now the modding community will slowly get the game to where it needs to be, which will take years, similar to Oblivion. It wouldn't be a fair comparison to bring up overhaul mods for Oblivion, but minor fixes to take the bugs out like the unofficial patches and fixing the level scaling make Oblivion miles better than Skyrim.

SlapHappyJesus1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Yeah. Bethesda makes exploration games with lackluster combat. Not RPGs.
Obsidian was able to take the framework that was Fallout 3 and make an actual roleplaying experience in the form of New Vegas.
Once you take away actual decision making, cause and effect and actual meaning to character development . . . I argue that it is an actual rpg, being that those are things that were once synonymous with the genre itself.
Not to mention, Bethesda are crap writers and that should always be a no-no in a genre that normally flaunts its writing.

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anticlimax1573d ago

I agree, if purely for the Shivering Isles expansion. I choose that expansion over Oblivion and Skyrim.

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psman0121573d ago

Skyrim is amazing, the visuals, animations (though still robot-y), gameplay, everything is much improved. However, Oblivion still holds a place in my heart. I've put 200+ hours into each game.

-Foxtrot1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )


More challenging and more memorable quests like the Dark Brotherhood one in the mansion where you have to kill them all....where was that in Skyrim. The mages guild was boring, the thieves guild lost it's touch (didn't actually end up being about the guild and heists more like that silly Nightingale plot) and the Dark Brotherhood didn't have that creative charm in terms of it's missions.

Skyrim was good but felt dumbed down...

Scrivlar1573d ago

After 1000+ hours on each game I'd say Skyrim is better overall but Oblivion had a lot more enjoyable quests. Both are absolutely fantastic and will always have a place in my heart same as the Fallouts.

LAWSON721573d ago

TES4 had some depth and all the guilds were better, but Skyrim was great nonetheless. Skyrim went in the wrong direction for core RPG fans but really expanded the popularity of TES.

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