LocoCycle for Xbox 360/PC Release Date, Enter to Win a Glowing Xbox 360

Twisted Pixel is releasing the Xbox One launch title, LocoCycle, for Xbox 360 and PC. Find out how to be entered to win a glowing LocoCycle themed Xbox 360.

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truefan11631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

So 360 gets LocoCycle, Halo Spartan Assault, Fable Anniversary, PvZ, and Titanfall, but according to this site you would believe they discontinued making games for it.

KonsoruMasuta1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

It just started getting more support. It's been barren for like the last 4 years. Most of the exclusives were kinect games.

aragon1631d ago

last 4 years really? halo 4 gears of war?

KonsoruMasuta1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Is that all?

Here, look for yourself. This is how the 360 was doing before the X1 launch compared to the PS3.

Notice the extreme lack of hardcore exclusives. Most of the games were for kinect. And that chart covers 3 years - 3 years! That's horrible.

Germ_the_Nobody1631d ago

I'm not here to disagree but there's not really a drastic difference in that image. =p

OrangePowerz1631d ago

Nobody is disputing that 3rd party support is still there, but 1st party is almost non existing for years.


That's hardly a lot of 1st party games is it? Other platforms had more first party games in the last 12 months compared what the 360 had in the last 2-3 years (not counting Kinect games).