Nine Minutes of Impressive Dark Souls II PS3 Gameplay Emerge from the Darkness

Nine minutes of PS3 gameplay of the upcoming hack and slash RPG nightmare Dark Souls II have just surfaced on the net.

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Meatyboy1574d ago

Peter serofinowics at the end! Fucking awesome

Ares84HU1574d ago

This should have been released on PS4 as well!

I would be ok with just a resolution bump up when it comes to this game.

deadfrag1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Too bad for you right!Glad i keep my ps4 next to my ps3 !

Timesplitter141574d ago

what's with the passive-aggressiveness?

Ares84HU1573d ago

I have two PS3s thank you very much.

I really don't understand people. Why would it be such a bad thing if this was released on PS4 as well?

Idiots on this site.....

Timesplitter141574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

PS4 version would be perfect, but since we won't get it (unless it's in a year), I'll probably get the PC version and play with Dualshock 4.

I simply cannot imagine how this game would even work with keyboard/mouse controls. Also I don't want to re-experience massive framerate drops like in Blighttown, so I'm wary about the PS3 version

Raider691574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

If you actually read the Dark Souls 2 News you would know that the developer has told that this game will not have the framerate drops that Demon souls and Dark Souls had.Actually this is one of the main aspects the team work to achieved on Dark Souls 2!

Timesplitter141574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

True, but since the risk is still there, AND the PC version will have higher resolution and better AA anyway... I just don't see the advantage of getting the PS3 version

Duke191574d ago

All this fighting in bright, wide open areas. Doesn't seem as stressful/challenging as the last game.

kcuthbertson1574d ago

watch the network test on youtube... Not bright, not wide open.

torchic1574d ago

what are you talking about?

a large portion of Dark Souls takes place in well lit, open areas. do you want an entire game of Tomb of the Giants? Sen's Fortress for 60hrs? no thanks...

Umbasa1573d ago

Shoot man, i don't know guys. I want to geek out over Dark Souls 2 but i can't. I love,love,love the past souls games but this one just seems to ....slow? No that's not really right sounding. The movement is smooth looking but it's also.... err, i can't think of the word but i know when i see this game i know to much has been changed for it to feel like all is still good. The person playing this sucked on purpose and i know as well as all of you they brought these two new game directors in place of Hidetaka Miyazaki for a reason which i never liked yet i stayed open minded to it and now that i have seen more then enough of this "new 52 dark souls"(clears throat) O_o i must say that i have a feeling i may not be two happy with how they have changed the imperfect perfect that was fine already.

LAWSON721574d ago

I played the beta and that was all I needed to decide if I was getting every other bit of footage I will not look at. I want to experience all the new things myself

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