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The thing is, anyone who bought a PS4 or Xbox One near launch is the sort of person who also owns a PS3, Xbox 360 or gaming PC. They could just get the Game of the Year Edition on one of those platforms for $30 instead of spending $60 on the "Definitive Edition." I mean, what are you getting for the extra $30? Reassurance that your new console isn't just a glorified Netflix machine? Slightly better foliage? More detailed character hair? It's not like they improved the crappy multiplayer at all.

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showtimefolks1484d ago

its worth $20 IMO

I think it may sell well just because there are not a lot of games for ps4 and xbox one. But to pay full price for basically 8 hours of single player story again isn't worth it to me atleast. I would like to replay it again on ps4 but not for $60

danny8181484d ago


Ima wait till it drops to $40-25

dantesparda1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Im not replying to either one of you

But yes it is and stfu, i am so sick and tired of hearing this lame a$$ argument. The game is worth $60, its not like it wont be down to like $30 or $20 in a month or two anyway, so if you think its not worth it then just wait for it to go down. Now stop complaining. Now if you wanna argue about whats not worth its price, lets talk about the X1's price or the WiiU's for that matter. Or the controllers for any of these systems or the memory cards for the Vita. Or these so-called high end smartphones ($500 to $700 dollars!?). Or anything Apple

showtimefolks1484d ago

so if i have played the game while paying $60 already how is it worth to me or anyone else in my situation to pay $60 again for the same game?

yes it will be down to $20-30 soon so i will buy it new again to support the developers but please stop making it sound like buying this game again for full price is some sort of a great deal

dantesparda1484d ago

But im not saying its a great deal, i dont even know how you got that impression. Im just saying that games have always cost $60 (well for the longest time). And to complain about it is just stupid in my book, especially when games drop so quick in price. And in you're case i would do the same and wait til its a lower price. But people need to stop b!tching about every little thing in gaming. Let them try and make their money and then the game will be down in price quick. So just be patient and wait. Then you'll get your price. But why do they have to start of at $40 or lower just cuz some people got it for last gen?

grimmweisse1484d ago

Seriously, coming on and posting your thoughts then telling other users to "stfu"! What a way to point your point across!

Most people will wait for the inevitable price drop because they feel re-releases, updated versions or whatever you want to call it is not worth the same price twice. Even if YOU feel it is. Unless you are a die hard fan of series, most will wait. That's the reality.

combatcash1484d ago


Yes console games have been $60.00 for sometime now, but considering its the same game with some enhancements most of us feel it should be less money. I only paid about $15 for it on pc.

The fact is that this is a re-release with no additional story content nothing major besides graphical updates which was already designed with amd systems in mind (tress fx) so the port must not have been to difficult, yet the publisher feels the need to charge full price for admission just comes of a bit greedy.

dantesparda1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Actually i wouldnt pay $60 for TR, im not a fan of the franchise but i do think games in general are worth the money because most games have more than $60 worth of content in them (well triple AAA games not the smaller Live/PSN games). And the "stfu" is to all the whining and complaining and fanboy cheerleading that goes on all the time. But like it said it wasnt directed at the 2 guys before me, maybe i was to harsh but thats just the way i am, sorry

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Metallox1484d ago

Of course not, drop that price, Square Enix.

KonsoruMasuta1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

It might be worth that price on the PS4, but if your getting the X1 version, wait until the price matches the framerate for that version, 30 or lower.

ziggurcat1484d ago

if you hadn't played the game on the last gen systems (or PC) already, it's definitely worth the $60.

Bathyj1484d ago

If you haven't played it, it's well worth it.

If you have like me, I think I'll wait but I definitely want it.

I don't know why there isn't a Ps3 to Ps4 upgrade deal going on, that's pretty slack.


I'm fine with it, didn't play it before, and yeah I'm aware I could get it for cheap, but I want to play it on the next system. Although, I feel for you guys who have played it already, and want to play again on next gen, not wanting to pay full price to double dip (it's a bit of a raw deal, but like others have said just wait for the price to drop).

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