Respawn Denies Rumor on Titanfall Alpha Textures Final for Xbox One “It Doesn’t Benefit Us to Lie”

A few days ago a well known “insider” known on NeoGAF as CBOAT let it slip that the low resolution textures included in the alpha release of Titanfall would actually be final for the Xbox One version of the game. Today respawn firmly denied that rumor, but didn't confirm or deny the other part of it about 16 maps at launch.

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Godmars2901295d ago

It hasn't benefited several other devs like Gearbox with Aliens AC, not with the actual game anyway, but it didn't stop them from overselling then under delivering.

Granted Remedy can't pull that kind of crap, but they have been making excuses for one thing or another.

Blaze9291295d ago

i dont know why we've put so much trust in this insiders lately. They've been delivering us more "news" than the news outlets.

shoddy1295d ago

Lying is part of MS jobs subscription

4Sh0w1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Respawn has done nothing but answer fans and haters questions appropriately. The only people who can even remotely charachterize their very open and realistic public feedback as "lying" is sonyfanboys jealous of Titanfall not being on ps4, if it was on ps4 trust me the same naysayers would be saying how their getting the ps4 version. Respawn has shown alot of patience; if it were me I would have told those naysayers to kiss where the sun don't shine by now. Who needs them anyway the game is going to sell a sh*t ton without a few 'em.

dantesparda1295d ago

What is this talk of "jealousy", what is there to be jealous about? Another FPS, COD clone with mechs, bad AI and only 6v6, all while only running at a last gen res of 720p?! Yeah, Sony fanboys should be SO JEALOUS. I see alot of MS fanboy spewing this crap, but i thinking that they are just projecting and admitting that they are the one's that are jealous. There is nothing special about Titanfall, Nothing! its just fanboys will take any exclusive and over hype it to no end.

malokevi1295d ago

One stupid rumour down, a bunch more to go. Neogaf never fails to outdo itself. What a pathetic scumhole.

OldDude1295d ago


And yet, MS isnt the one making the game, nor are they the ones providing the information for this article. Troll...

nukeitall1295d ago

So I am to take this anonymous CBOAT information as fact whereas the actual developer has been nothing but straight forward and very clear cut with the answer.

BUT NO, they are lying some claims here or at least insinuating it.

Looks at the name, looks at past comment history and it is clear, they are all Sony fangirls!

erathaol1295d ago

Its not unheard of for a alpha build to not have all the final textures and lighting. I played a few open beta multiplayer games that had similar lower textures, to help stress test the servers, which had no baring on how the final game would look.

I'm saving my judgement for release, at which point its fair game to criticize a developer.

4Sh0w1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

dante yes its called jealousy, its not a new concept and you only further proved my point. A normal person who doesn't care for Titanfall would feel no need to use the typical "its COD with mechs", "720p blah, blah" nonsense talking points like you did. Titanfalls graphics are great no they are not on par as the best next gen has to offer but regardless intelligent gamers know graphics are not synonymous with quality since graphics don't equal quality games, none of those shots you take at Titanfall translate to your implication that it will be a bad game and therefore "nothing to be jealous of". Now had you backed up your counter point of view with a reasonable response like "Not EVERYONE is jealous, some just have valid concerns like A, B, and C so we are hesitant to believe the hype", THEN your position of NOT being jealous might sound alot more creditable. Furthermore, the hate you demonstrate for the game and the fact that you are here in yet again in another Titanfall thread singles you out by your own doing as a jealous hater.

Edit, exactly nuketail it's not a coincidence it's always the same sonyfanboys who always assume the worst for any news and any studio that partners with micro. If they were making something exclusive for ps4 right now they'd be hailed as Saints, every statement gospel.

JokesOnYou1295d ago

4Show you nailed it, I love the "What makes you think I care about Titanfall/COD with mechs?" type of comments in a Titanfall article. lol, he couldn't sound or demonstrate by his presence that he's more jealous.

H0RSE1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )


"What is this talk of "jealousy", what is there to be jealous about? Another FPS, COD clone with mechs, bad AI and only 6v6, all while only running at a last gen res of 720p?! Yeah, Sony fanboys should be SO JEALOUS."

- that is only one perspective to look at it. Regardless if you think Titanfall looks about as fun as a bag of doorknobs, it is a new IP and it is likely to sell very well. The success of the game alone, could be used as fuel in console debates, particularity when the argument of "___ has no games" arises, which is often does.

You can hate on Titanfall and call it unoriginal all you want, but if it's successful and receives good marks across the board, it will be a success story for xbox players, not PlayStation, and while the community goes apeshit over the new "big thing," PS players can only sit and watch, since they didn't get an invitation to the party, and that alone is enough to piss people off.

The best thing they can hope for is that the game bombs. ironically, if the game bombs, it may not receive a sequel, which means if Sony fans want to see this game come to PS, it will need to successful - it's sort of a catch 22.

VENOMACR12271294d ago

@Dante is just upset because he is still waiting for greatness. But hey, at least you got 1080p. But who needs games right? You got 1080p, all that matters.

BallsEye1294d ago

so much for neogaf crap. N4G is taking neogaf reliabe as source of news and rumors which is totally stupid. As long as rumor is bad for XO it has a green light and 10000000000 comments on n4g how XO sucks. It got out of control.

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Irishguy951295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

I'll take respawns word for it. When devs lie they don't come out and specifically state the opposite of the truth. Respawns reputation would be utterly destroyed if they turn out to have lied about this. First things first, lets see the beta, lets see the launch trailer, lets see the final game.

GearBox did NOT LIE about Aliens AC btw, they just kept the truth quiet. There original trailer was not a lie, not CG or whatever. It was a good looking VERY scripted demo(The gameplay looked like **** btw, if anyone actually pays attention you can see how terrible the gameplay really was).

After they revealed it, they outsourced the entire game and moved onto Borderlands 2. Then they shut up about it completely until release. So technically, they didn't actually lie. They totally misled the customer for sure by not telling us that the game had changed. No one asked them "Why doesn't it look like the first trailer" until the game came out. They got away with it because they kept hush hush about it. Then when the game came out and everyone raged the lead dev got all sad on his twitter because he didn't like hearing that they ****ed everyone over. God I loved that.

So em, yeah. Respawn are specifically coming out and stating that the Alpha has lower res textures. There is no reason not to believe them right now. Unless you trust CBOATS **** and need to have him proven wrong yet again before you stop trusting him

N2NOther1295d ago

A lie by omission is still a lie.

Godmars2901295d ago

Just sounds like you're making excuses for them.

truefan11295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Respawn has actually been pretty upfront all along, most xbox fans who have been waiting for the game all knew about the ai. Most xbox gamers didn't complain about 6v6, as the staple xbox mp shooters are Halo and GOW, ps4 fans were the ones leading the 34 and 64 player charge. Now textures are being questioned, only a person looking to down the game would try to exploit respawn as liars. Keep it up ps4 fans, ensure that you guys never get Titanfall. You can bet Respawn notices the attention, they are always on twitter probably noticing the positive hype from xbox fans and the negativity from ps4 fans. Microsoft will cut the check to make it exclusive before the year is over, book it. If I'm a game developer the hope and hype I had to make my game multi plat, would dwindle after seeing how a certain fanbase is hoping for failure, just because it isn't on their console.

notyobizhwispndmymny1295d ago

I really hope Titanfall is a huge hit and that as a result MS buys the exclusive rights to all future franchises like they did with Gears. I don't like gamers missing out on any game if they want to play it but the joy of seeing the pitchfork wielding Sony fanboys go ballistic with an outcome like that would be glorious in HD, maybe not true HD but 720p would still be incredibly glorious.

DigitalRaptor1295d ago

Yes, truefan1.

Respawn is going to decide to completely cut off the additionally lucrative PS4 fanbase because of a low ratio of PS4 gamers saying some negative things on the Internet. Do you even listen to yourself before you type?

dedicatedtogamers1295d ago

We'll see in a little while, won't we?

I don't think they're lying.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1294d ago

Nope. CBOAT was fed some wrong info to find him out by MS, and only half right this.

I think it's hilarious. Cboat, Cboat... watcha gonna do.. watch gonna do when MS come for you!

Septic1294d ago

Remedy? You mean Respawn.

People claim theor making excuses but its just sofa experts chiming in on things they don't know.

You would think that of all developers, people would give Respawn, a team compromised of the people that gave us the last great Call of Duty game, the benefit of the doubt but nope....

The sad thing is, the press love the game, the people who have played the game whether it be at shows or the alpha love it but this overbearing scrutiny, you habe to wonder whether it on only attracts it because of itd absence on a certain platform and its association with another.

JasonKCK1294d ago

Respawn vs CBOAT

Sorry CBOAT but your credibility has been proven to be worth spit.

I have never seen so much hate and jealousy over a single game.

tuglu_pati1294d ago

CBOUT always talking [email protected] Well i guess now we can question his credibility...

donman11294d ago

Where there is smoke... there is fire. Resolution/Frame Rate issues with the Xbox720 continues.

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lifeisgamesok1295d ago

I don't see how people still believe CBOAT he's been wrong way more times than right

And hopefully the game looks good the gameplay already looks great

come_bom1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Yep, so true. Cboat is full of crap. He makes about 50 predictions, and probably 4 or 5 become true.

Will people believe me if i make 50 predictions and 4 or 5 become true ?

BlackTar1871295d ago

100% agree. A broken watch is right twice a day

Fishy Fingers1295d ago

Brian Fantana: "They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time it works, every time. "

Megaton1295d ago

More like 50 predictions and 4 or 5 turn out wrong. You get banned from GAF if you're an "insider" with a remotely poor track record.

creatchee1295d ago

Cboat is as reliable as Pachter, but gets nowhere near as much heat when he's wrong.

TomShoe1295d ago

But when he's right...oh when he's right...

DragonKnight1295d ago

It's possible that what CBOAT says is true, but once word gets out that he's spilled the beans, changes are made if they can be.