Xbox Fitness App Is What Gamers Need

"The Xbox One is Microsoft’s latest foray into the console gaming market. Last year we saw innovations like the Kinect and PlayStation Move extend the console life cycle just a little bit further. In the creation of this, it brought about the Xbox One Fitness app that gamers have been able to utilize on their consoles. Fitness is needed all walks of life, whether you’re an animal, gym rat, or overweight. It doesn’t matter how healthy you think you are it can’t hurt to shoot for an even better you.

That is why I think the Xbox Fitness app on the Xbox One is the one app that might push the console into the right direction." - GamerFitNation

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GraveLord1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Gamers don't need an Xbox One(or any other console) to do exercise. In fact, its actually a distraction.

fredolopez1778d ago

I agree that gamers don't need a console to exercise, but it's certainly not a distraction. How is it a distraction from working out when it's encouraging gamers to workout?

Bolts-N-Rays11091778d ago

I agree with your first point. No console is needed for exercise, but how is it a distraction?

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christocolus1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

You are wrong. I know people who lost weight using kinect on 360. Dance central had the work out mode and it just made the work out process alot more fun. I got ubisoft fitness for my sister and she used it alot for her workouts. The xbx one fitnes app and hopefully a new viva pinata game are some of the reasons she is getting an xbx one this year.

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Eonjay1778d ago

I agree with this. Be balanced. If you dont have an Xbox, you should still find a way to exercise.

JohnnyTower1778d ago

Im a gamer, but Im also a gym rat. I prefer to keep those worlds separate. Work and Play don't mix for me. Plus I do a weight regiment. Maybe this app will get butts off of couches, but if you are already into exercise, then this would be a hard sell.

jetlian1778d ago

One its free two p90,insanity etc cost alot. Its like going to an aerobics class without leaving your house

Kevin263851778d ago

I run 35-40 miles a week, but I love Xbox Fitness for a P90X workout here or there.

I probably won't renew after the free year, but it is cool technology for beginners.

Blaze9291778d ago

lol i been using the P90X workout as well. It truly is a dope thing to not only have the Kinect 1:1 track you AND your heartbeat, but to obtain achievements and rewards for working out still entertain the gaming aspect of things.

Xbox Fitness is really unique and I'm surprised Microsoft isn't marketing that part more. All they need to do is call Michelle Obama...

OrangePowerz1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Nope, if I want to exercise I go the gym I'm a member off instead of jumping around infront of the TV. It's not a substitution for going to a gym and using proper equipment.

Blaze9291778d ago

"It's not a substitution"

You're right, nor is it intended to be. How do you substitute equipment with a camera?

jetlian1778d ago

Actually it is orange. Aerobics doesnt need equipment. You can lift weights at home. Unless your going for bodybuilding.

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