5 reasons why you must keep your PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

GamesBeat: The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 still have plenty of gaming left in them.

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Sadie21001547d ago

I just don't get why some people are excited for new South Park games.

Snookies121547d ago

Maybe because this one is actually done right, with Matt and Trey both working on it as well. Not to mention it looks spot-on with the show graphically. How could a fan of the show not be at least a little excited about this?

Sadie21001547d ago

Oh, sure a fan has a perfect right to be excited. I'm just saying, history hasn't shown this to be a good mix for video games, so I would have thought expectations would be way low.

For example, I love Star Wars but never get excited for a new Star Wars video game, because there are rarely any good ones. My expectations are way low for that.

webeblazing1547d ago

How long have you been gaming there's ton of good star wars games. You either having been gaming for long or just haven't played them all. And what the creators are doing with the devas is one of the reason its gonna be good. Games based on movies and stuff usually are a cash grab

Sadie21001547d ago

A ton of good Star Wars games? Compared to the whole library of Star Wars games?

I've been playing Star Wars games since the Atari 2600 days (seriously -- I'm 42 years old), and for every KOTOR or Battlefront, there are five forgettable ones. Remember all those Clone Wars titles? Generic third-person action games? Even stuff like the Boba Fett game was supposed to be awesome, then no one gave a crap because it was so...well, generic again.

There are *some* great Star Wars games, sure. But not enough for me to get excited about a new announcement. :) Just my opinion.

webeblazing1547d ago

Yea you got a point but since last gen they was a cash grab and kids games most kids games suck.

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LimeyGeeza1547d ago

The only game on that Top 5 I am even remotely interested in is Dark Souls II, even then I think I am going to hold out for a Next Gen version (here's hoping...).

ziggurcat1547d ago

you only need 1 reason:

dark souls II

zero_gamer1547d ago

There's too many reasons to keep my old consoles which is why I'll never get rid of them.

InTheLab1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

They forgot Titanfall for the X360, which will probably be the last title I buy for the system.....that's if the game turns out decent with all those bots..

Will most likely pick up Castlevania and Dark Souls for the PS3, but I'm a bit gun shy with buying these games because I feel like they should be cross-gen titles.

Brazz1547d ago

from the link:

"...Anything that’s coming out on both generations, like Watch Dogs or Titanfall, were not included on this list."

InTheLab1547d ago

Well I missed that but it's stupid to leave it out if you're making a case for both consoles...

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The story is too old to be commented.