More details surface on Dark Souls 2's PVP

GameDynamo - "Anyone who's played Dark Souls remembers that PVP was one of the selling points of the game (right after its incredibly high difficulty)."

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Aghashie1633d ago

Nice! No one is save anymore. Muahahahaha!


kcuthbertson1633d ago

I personally don't like that. It seems like every time that I really needed a summon to help me beat a boss, I'd get invaded and killed. Literally, like 90% of the time. And the matchmaking on PC sucks...I always felt like I never even had a chance. I got one or two hitted every time.

Aghashie1633d ago

Look, I understand what u say. I use to have the same problem. But, that was exactly my problem! I was avoiding PVP! Wrong answer. To get better, u need to go trough it.

PVP will boost ur fighting tactics in no time and will help u to level up a lot faster. Remember to learn from ur mistakes every time u got killed, otherwise u will just keep getting killed. Also, fighting the monters in the game will not help u to improve your PVP skills!

Level up ur weapons and armor and find ur sweet spot on weight class (dont go too heavy if u like to roll). After some PVP action u r gonna start liking the taste of blood on ur sword!

Also, if u need some PVP practice, visit the arena -located on the DLC-. U might still find some players there.

More PVP on DS2 means a faster level up, more rare items drops and more FUN!

Suit up and bring it on! :)

ziggurcat1633d ago

@ aghashie:

except PvP isn't, and should never be the focus of any souls game.

i, for one, would rather be able play this game uninterrupted by people who's sole aim is to screw me over.

it doesn't mean faster levelling, you never got item drops from defeating invaders, and it would not be fun at all if you got invaded, killed, then invaded/killed again by the same pervasive troll while you're trying to recover your souls.

Aghashie1633d ago

@ ziggurcat

wrong answer!

1- the main focus of the soul games is the combat. that is why the game have carefully polished combat mechanics and a wide array of equipment, spells and covenants. PVP is part of it, like it or not.

2- faster leveling and rare items? u r wrong again.

3- killed constantly by the same invader? there are many reasons for that. u may be under equipped, u lack combat experience, u are a stubborn player who always use the same tactic, ur character leveling may be out of balance (lot of power vs low defense), u are not using the right equipment for ur character leveling (level up as a mage and still want to fight as a knight), lack of game mechanics understanding (weight class, counter damage bonuses/penalties, appropriate use of stamina, etc.), many others reasons i am too lazy to type.

want some advice?
choose ur character class - knight
choose ur fighting style - close combat melee
choose type of weapon - straight swords
choose type of armor - medium weight class
magic or no magic - yes, healing only
level cap - yes, i want to cap at lv80

this is called a "build". now, go and make ur own build on a new character. level up only around ur build otherwise is a level wasted. waste too many levels out of ur build and u will destroy ur character permanently.

level capping? it is recommended to stop leveling somewhere between 60 - 120. but for that u need to plan u leveling ahead. if u level up too much u wont find other players in the game since the game have a level restriction for online gaming. a lv80 randomly leveled is not equal to a lv80 build leveled. keep that in mind.

i am still actively playing this game. if i ever invade a character w ur username -ziggurcat- i promise to spare u and leave without a fight. see, not everyone is a troll. good luck.

my characters:

theDivision1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Completely agree. Once I embraced PVP I found far more people to summon and just enjoyed the game a lot more. I don't actively seek it out (besides laying down red soap stones to duel) but I enjoy the sense of not knowing when an enemy will be invading. It just keeps the game from getting boring and allows a lot of replayability.

Most exciting news about this post is the fact that the mirror knight does actually summon other players. I LOVE THAT IDEA.

ziggurcat1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

in demon's souls, you could get summoned to play as one of the bosses.

edit: which is ****ing brilliant.

jerethdagryphon1633d ago

I hate pvp . This sucks oh well if I'm invaded I suicide I refuse to give them anything I'll carry no souls and nothing and deny them a kill ...

SolidDuck1633d ago

I love all the changes except the timer for summoned help. I like to co op with friends, I feel like the timer will be very annoying.

ziggurcat1633d ago

getting invaded while you're hollow is a little disconcerting...

i hated being interrupted by idiots, so i had almost exclusively played hollow. it bothers me that i can't play in peace without disconnecting from the internet.

Swiggins1633d ago

I'm on the fence about it, I like it because it will me that PVP will be a lot easier to find.

I don't like it because I've been in the position of needing to get somewhere in a hurry without dicking around with an invader.

They should have made a, once you reach the minimum health (10 deaths) you can no longer be invaded...I dunno.