Shadow Boxing - Microsoft is Wasting its Time Trying to Fight Sony and Nintendo

Mike writes, "This promotion is an outstanding example of how Microsoft is hurting themselves through terrible messaging and lame promotions. I imagine executives of this company high-fiving each other when they came up with this idea; “We’ll give them a deal, but they need to throw their PS3 in the garbage. TAKE THAT, SONY!” I’ll admit, I had a chuckle when I first read it because it amused me the same way it amuses me watching people get into arguments on Twitter. Thinking about it though, the campaign ultimately fails for two reasons..."

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I agree with this...MS needs to just keep pumping out exclusives and do their own thing.

Blaze9291631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

that doesn't make sense. Is that not what they've been doing this whole time? They "tried" to do their own thing with DRM but everyone lashed out at them so they "downgraded" to be like every else for another generation.

Even if they do "do their own thing" people would stay they are still fighting against Sony and Nintendo. So how do they truly "do their own thing"?

On a side note, someone should look into the business of recycling technology. I have a feeling this is nothing about taking away PS3s but how much a potential profit comes from recycling old technology parts. I mean when you think about it, what are they doing with all if it? Yeah, exactly.

Remember people, these are still business - no matter what "feelings" you've attached to them.

cyguration1631d ago

Correction: They upgraded.

If I want to buy a used Xbox One game I now don't have to worry about paying an extra used game fee.

Believe me, NO ONE in their right mind would buy an Xbox One with those previous DRM policies in place if they actually called themselves a real gamer.

truefan11631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

It's pathetic how Ps4 gamers act like Sony is some not for profit company. Also that article from earlier was pure flamebait, they offered $100 for Ps3 and 360. Have you ever heard of recycled chips, why do you think phone carriers offer discounts for old phones. These articles exist because Microsoft in its 2nd generation put a huge dent in the playstation market share. Now in their 3rd generation they have a base, granted not the size of Sony, but a solid base nonetheless. Also the main reason for the larger base is the fact that Japan supports their own. 9:1 for Ps3 last gen, how would the battle have been without it. All in all MSN and XB1 are fine and articles like this are stupid especially when you consider the most important aspect to both of these companies, profit.

Akuma071631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

If you don't have any experience in Business that is understandable. But anyone who does can see that Microsoft has clearly been playing a reactive game with Sony.

EVERYTHING they have done since announcing the XB1 has been a reaction to Sony's success. They changed all the DRM due to the huge backlash and much higher PS4 pre orders. They are developing several features and technology that Sony already has and/or already announced. Instead of trying to react to Sony, and trying to steal their fan base, they need to carve their own path, give people positive reasons to go to them.

This is the same difference between Passive and Aggressive politics.

The only thing pathetic about the whole thing, is when Xbot's like yourself post comments about how pathetic PS4 fans are. The only people who act like Sony are not for profit are all the Xbot's trying to talk trash. NO Sony fans have ever claimed that, and I am sure most understand that Sony is in it for money, but name ONE moment since the PS4 was announced where Sony was involved with some kind of ethically questionable marketing tactic or some sort of console feature which serves no other purpose but to buttf**k the end users?

cyber_daemonx1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

@Blaze929. The problem isn't MS trying to do their own thing, it's the way they are doing it. It's how MS do business that p1sses people off. They seem to think that they can either just buy people off or bully them into doing things their way. I think this just makes MS look desperate. The Xbox One has been only been out for 2 months and they are resorting to trying to bribe people into buying one, from their competitors customers, and this is in their home territory, oh dear. Yeah they are just businesses, but sometimes it ain't what you do it's the way that you do it. Telling people to 'ditch' their PS3 like a piece of trash, typical MS.

BlackTar1871631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

MS and EA tried to bully the market an it's customer into a DRM death Trap. The best features they talked about were never shown to either be working (Cloud) or how it works(sharing games). On the sharing games they released a one sheet that answered none of the important behind the scenes real questions.

They pulled smoke and mirrors and continue to do so. Why or how as a consumer can you feel this is good business practice and not even think its good but put your support behind it 100%?

I know maybe some people get paid to comment but if you're not paid to do so why can't you see the obvious staring you in the face. I would also like to add that MS has a long history of these and at one point and maybe still they had the most Anti Consumer lawsuits and underhanded business tactics lawsuits against anyone company ever. Does this not strike you as a constant when they revel such DRM etc policies and tactics?

QUESTION: What would MS have to do to make you think differently about them as a company as a whole? Can you name anything outside of coming to your house personally and hurting you?

notyobizhwispndmymny1631d ago

I completely agree with you. Anybody that sees this as a lame business strategy should never start their own business. I understand the need to jump on the hate bandwagon but can people seriously just use their brains instead of typing up the first thing that jumps in there.
Brilliant strategy. I guess that's why MS is valued the way they are. They have made some pretty dumb decisions but they still have bright minds in Seattle. Failure to acknowledge that is complete idiocy.

FarEastOrient1631d ago


Actually this is a bad marketing ploy as NeoGaf is already going nuts with gifs of "Save $100 and buy a PS4."

So instead of losing a PS3 in exchange, the customer can buy a PS4 and still keep their PS3.

UltimateMaster1631d ago

Article: ~
Thinking about it though, the campaign ultimately fails for two reasons...

Reason One: It comes across as smarmy and dickish.
Reason Two: They’re picking a fight that nobody really wants.

I say it seems desperate.
It's like they can't rely on their Xbox Fan base to buy their console that they have to rely on the competition fan base. That says a lot.

Kryptix1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Giving gamers more freedom on what they can do with their games is downgrading? Explain. lol

You know, I'll never understand what goes on in an Xbot's mind. Microsoft can accomplish what they want to in order to progress technology while giving gamers and developers freedom but it seems like apparently both can't coexist with each other in an Xbot's mind. What I'm saying is that MS can still do what they planned to do, but that DRM was only there to treat gamers like criminals and to suck extra money from us as Destiny is still a "persistent" world without it.

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NeoTribe1630d ago

There wasting time with sony, but ninty on the other hand is kinda killing themselves, so i dont think ms need worry about ninty.

medman1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

What exclusives Melman? Microsoft is and has been lagging behind Sony and Nintendo in that department for years now, and that ain't gonna change. Sony should respond by saying, "Guess what can save a hundred bucks by keeping your ps3 and simply buying the most powerful console ever brought to market with the best first party developers on the planet...PS4. Unless, of course, you enjoy overpriced, underpowered products." Nuff said.

Mikelarry1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

desperate times calls for desperate measures, i cant believe some people are shocked that ms will pull this type of tactic did everyone forget the wiiu launch and the ms employees

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TheRedButterfly1631d ago

Yeah, times sure are tough… Posting Q2 revenue of 24.52 billion dollars, with profit totals running around 5.24 billion dollars… Same can't be said for Sony. Their Q2 resulted in putting them another $197 million deeper in the red.

Hicken1631d ago

And that has WHAT to do with what's going on in the current console race? Nothing? Just more spinning and diversions?

Oh. Carry on, then.

BlackTar1871631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

The Xbox only fans way. When all else fails point to sales.

Should be on every MS game product sold.

Manic20141631d ago

Kinda low by MS, although it's for both PS3 and 360.

WeaseL1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

del. ..........

DOOMZ1631d ago

MS will be just fine!

kingdip901631d ago

No one is saying microsoft is in trouble. The xbox division of microsoft is another story entirely.

KingDadXVI1631d ago

The Xbox Division is making money too actually. They have been profitable for several years now and this gen they are selling the consoles at a slight profit. That is a first as every other Xbox was sold for a loss in the first few years.

What you are getting confused about is that the Xbox Division still has not gotten to a point where they have paid off the total investment in creating the Xbox Brand. Xbox Division has been making a profit for years. In fact Xbox Live generates over $1 Billion in revenue every year alone yet costs considerably less to actually run. That is called profit, something that Sony had done in only one quarter in the last five plus years.

kingdip901631d ago


I'm not confused at all, I understand that the xbox division makes money and the only reason it hasn't made overall profit is because of the spending done to drive the console. Once the spending spree ends I'm sure the department will make its way into the black it has a sound business model.

My concern over the uncertainty of the xbox brand comes from the past rumors of microsoft potentially spinning off the division so it would have to stand on its own two legs. The question that needs to be asked is, while profitable is it profitable enough to warrant the perceived drain on microsofts focus and resources (not just money but talent to).

If focus and resources being used elsewhere could be more profitable for Microsoft then from an investor point of view spinning off the brand makes perfect sense.

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