Kojima on MGSV's use of the single camera shot

As with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima is planning to use a constant camera movement in The Phantom Pain, without making any cuts - or at least as little as possible, to convey a feeling of one big, consistent world. He also wants to create seamless transitions between gameplay and cutscenes. On Twitter, Kojima talks about a movie doing the same thing.

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rustyspoon801630d ago

Now make sure those cutscenes are significantly shorter than those in MGS4.

Meltic1630d ago

lol cutscenes is the best. I love them. So beautifully and nice. Specially ps4 Graphics...

TheUberAsian1630d ago

I would love more cutscenes than gameplay for MGS5, it'll look so cool

TheDivine1630d ago

Yea MGS without cutscenes isn't MGS. I don't want splinter cell or cod is what this is sounding more like all day. Run button, straight action, no cutscenes, new voice actor, and its a fourth dollar demo.

blackstrr4111630d ago

Wait for it, play it then judge!