Interview: Sharing Horror Stories with the Studio Behind PS4 Exclusive Basement Crawl

Push Square: "For a title that was originally intended to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 in November, we didn’t learn a whole lot about Basement Crawl until a couple of weeks ago. The release – a maze-based multiplayer affair starring creepy clowns and telepathic teddy bears – has been described as a mix of Bomberman and Twisted Metal, and with inspirations like that, we simply had to find out more. We caught up with developer Bloober Team’s marketing manager Aron Cender to obtain a little more information on the recently delayed next generation game – and also to find out what it was like being one of the first independent outfits to score access to Sony’s supercharged system."

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GribbleGrunger1508d ago

After reading this interview, I think the recent delay is likely because they've just struck a deal with Sony to bring it to PS+.