Killer Instinct Developer Will Send You To Jail If You Rage Quit Too Much

GR - Posting to Double Helix's forums, Killer Instinct community manager Rich Bantegui explained a new policy that the rebooted fighting franchise will implement on Microsoft's Xbox One in order to best combat players who have taken to leaving matches earlier.

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Wedge191631d ago

Glad more devs are implementing this kind of thing.

Giul_Xainx1631d ago

On a side note for Double Helix.... Why not just install a "rank adjustment?"

Tekken has the "Disconnection rate" before each match and when you disonnect from a ranked match you lose a considerable amount of rank points. Where as you will only fight noobs the rest of your tekken days on that profile.

Jailing members and matching them with other rage quiters will create a bad image for the online matches and cause players to give up playing the game all together. Gamers will disagree with me on this comment all they want but matching them with other "inmates" will only dim their outlook on the game itself and say "Why do I even bother with this game?"

I also like how they ignore the possible "bad connection" people. It may be a small rate but some of us are in dorms, or on a wifi connection by force, not choice. Disconnections happened to me a lot in the college dorms but don't jail them for their bad connection. They need to make sure that they truly did "disconnect" via hardwire or not.

theWB271631d ago

So gamers should feel bad for the people who quit because they lose? They play competitively online and quit when they lose...hhmm. Then they lose enthusiasm for being in a predicament that they put themselves in?

Don't rage quit and you'll most likely be ok.

Bad disconnections- If you played 100 matches and disconnected 15% of the time that means 1 out every 6 matches disconnects.

Matches last, at the most, 4 minutes. That's just a bad place to be in. That's not the majority and Double Helix is, I'm sure, judging this percentage off of the knowledge that majority gamers don't get disconnected 1 out every 6, 4 minute matches.

Septic1631d ago

Glad Double Helix are doing this. There are so many wusses online and it enrages me when they quit. When I lose I always give props, sit there and stomach someone pulling off a minute long Ultra on me. Principles.

Big Worm: "Theres principalities in this!"

Giul_Xainx1631d ago

I have a rank of vanquisher on tekken tag 2 on one profile and another that is only second dan on my old college dorm profile.

I play with the rank restriction off on both profiles just to play with someone else.

When someone rage quits on me or disconnects due to a sudden loss of internet connection the game immediately recognizes it and keeps my rank safe. Usually if the rage quitter disconnected with the game running it would save the rage quit info right then and there. If they turned their console off it will automatically update the save info once they log in to play online again. I know my overall disconnection rate on my dorm profile is at 32% because of the disconnection rate of the dorms internet on wifi.

I have seen users just on tekken tag 2 with higher disconnection rates as me and I try playing with them. They lag so horribly that 1 match took 20 minutes to complete.

I'm not feeling sorry for rage quitters. Usually they rage quit just before my finishing blow but the game still counts it as a win. But don't jail them. It will only leave the game deserted. Rage quitters only rage quit because people love to use cheap moves a lot.

TTT2 has more than a few tag teams that can perform infinite attacks without giving the opposing player a single chance to block anything.

I like playing the defensive side more than offense. Because I allow the other player a chance to show me his moves. That way I practice my blocking and counter attacks. It is when a cheap a hole enters using the scientist but explosion move millions of times that I hate the most. No way to recover from it once you land on the floor. Sometimes it is the game's balancing issue that causes rage quits, and sometimes its the play style of other people not being honorable in a fight.

mediate-this1630d ago

Do you play the game online? I hope rq wuit all together, the fgc always support great fighting games. Ki is going to be no different, rq are annoying, and they all need to play each other, leave the respectful people playing the game

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dedicatedtogamers1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

As long as restrictions don't get too out of hand, I'm always in support of this kind of developer intervention. As a person who only occasionally plays videogames online, there's nothing more off-putting than jumping into a game and being met with rampant vitriol. Worse still, I hate learning a game (or even winning a game, on that rare occasion) and having someone quit because they're a poor sport. I lose games all the time (seriously, PM me if you want to play me online and rank up your profile in...pretty much any game lol) but I still have fun. I guess I come from that era where you could play SFII in an arcade full of strangers and still enjoy the experience even if you lost.

theWB271631d ago

AH...Dedicated I feel your pain. I barely put any time into online. It just doesn't appeal to me.

". I guess I come from that era where you could play SFII in an arcade full of strangers and still enjoy the experience even if you lost."

It's that exact reason why too. I just don't get the same satisfaction from beating someone online as I used to get playing your opponent right next to you.

Being in the arcades...around a popular game. The crowd is around cause you're on that winning streak. Every challenger gets put down and you can just feel and see that anguish of defeat on them as they sulk back into the crowd.

Such good times : (

maniacmayhem1631d ago

lmao! that is pretty awesome! good one DH!

Neoninja1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

That is freaking awesome and I welcome it! It's crazy how many rage quitters there are.

Bolts-N-Rays11091631d ago

Good. Rage quitters are so lame. Take a loss like a man.

gigoran1631d ago

Right. Not like it's been done, and done better by another major title recently. Oh wait...

LoveOfTheGame1631d ago

Right, just like there's no way someone could love the concept of a man protecting a girl in an apocalyptic world, since it has been done before.

Oh wait, people loved that game.

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