Is Sony Scoring Another Victory In the Next-Gen War?

CCC Says: "Backward compatibility is the big controversial topic of this console generation. We already know that the PlayStation 4 isn’t going to be able to play PlayStation 3 games without the use of Sony’s Gaikai streaming platform. We assumed that this would be the case for PS1 and PS2 games as well, but now we aren’t so sure."

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lifeisgamesok1486d ago

Backward compatibility would be great but it won't define next gen in the least bit

I'm sure people would much rather have the new experiences possible over the old

GarrusVakarian1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

"I'm sure people would much rather have the new experiences possible over the old"

I'm sure people would rather have BOTH. This can only be a positive, nothing is being taken away, but great games of past consoles are being added.

Fishy Fingers1486d ago

Both would be great, obviously, but honestly, never missed BC on my PS3, wont miss it on my PS4. Didnt spend £400 to play games that are on a console I already own.

GarrusVakarian1486d ago

@Fishy Fingers

Im not really bothered about BC myself either, i still have all my old consoles. If i want to play my old games i'll just play them on those. But i can see why some people would really want BC.

TAURUS-5551486d ago

BC on the PS4 would be the end for the xbox1

PFFT1486d ago

No it wouldnt lol
BC is cool and all but it wouldnt spell doom and gloom for the XB1.

cyber_daemonx1486d ago

BC seems to be a big deal for a lot of people. Good on Sony trying to find a work-around, could be another killer app.

Jdoki1486d ago

Another victory...?

I don't want to sound harsh after all the good work Sony have done with the PS4. but the real victory right now would be getting some games out the door.

My PS4 hasn't been turned on since I got bored of Resogun and completed KZ shortly after EU launch. Nothing more to play as the rest of the games I wanted I already have on PC or will buy in a Steam sale.

I know the post launch time is always dry - but with DriveClub getting delayed (and possibly delayed again if rumours are true) it seems a wait until March for inFamous is the best I can hope for.

Even if they released this service now it'd be something. I wouldn't mind going back and playing a few PS2 games, just out of nostalgia. But at the moment it's all hot air from both Sony and MS.

quiddd1485d ago

I see your point but the launch after the release of PS3 was the games. They eventually came out. Even with the difficulty in developing for the platform, they still came. Look how the PS3 ended up........great games and numerous to bat.

Jdoki1485d ago

Oh yeah, I've got no doubt great stuff is coming... Just could do with coming a bit quicker. :)

Guess I'm just a bit tired of all these announcements from Sony and MS about stuff coming 1 to 2 years down the road.

fenome1485d ago

I'm with you man, really anxious to really start gettin' into some new games.

You really should give Knack a try, I don't know why it caught so much grief, I found it a lot of fun. Plus if you do end up liking it there's a ton of reasons to replay it between trying to unlock all the characters, gadgets, dificulty, and challenge modes. I don't even know how many play-throughs it took me to unlock Diamond Knack.

If it turns out you like it, it could keep you busy for a while.

TrueJerseyDevil1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

No, because most people probably still have there old consoles and will play them on their, especially if they have to buy them again.

Of topic: Sony should not be winning this generation right now because the PS4 has no games, and no good exclusives until next year

King_Slayer1484d ago

"Of topic: Sony should not be winning this generation right now because the PS4 has no games, and no good exclusives until next year"

And yet... Still they are. I think that says more about what the people think of the X1 than it does about the PS4. Imagine what's going to happen when Sony starts putting out more of their games.

Also read this...

Sayai jin1485d ago

No not another flame-bait article.

On the premise of BC, I think it is a plus. I think the biggest reason from both consoles having BC is the fact of the MP aspect. Imagine MP server nightmare.