Why Children "totally shouldn't" play video games

wasduk looks at the main reasons children totally shouldn't be let near video games

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kingdip901601d ago

This is actually a good article and not at all what I expected to read.

I agree, people have some really nonsensical opinions of how video games effect people.

Arkworthy1601d ago

Same here.
What I expected: "Wah wah stop calling videogames bad"
What I got: Actual reasoned and structured arguments with appropriate evidence.

ravinash1600d ago

I enjoyed reading that and it was wel informed with good points.

Read it!....and then get your non gaming friends to read it.

CursedHero1601d ago

Yes, this is so refreshing!

KillrateOmega1601d ago

Intelligent and well-thought out articled.

Personally, I've managed to mostly avoid suffering the usual stereotypes that come with people discovering that I play video games, but I do have a few unpleasant memories. Stereotypes are always aggravating.

The Meerkat1600d ago

#1 Yup, I grew up weird.

#2&3 Not at all

#4 I feel my knowledge of History and Geography were greatly enhanced by the hours I spent playing Civilization on my Amiga.

rageus1600d ago

Very good article. Rated up!

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The story is too old to be commented.