Learn How to Beat the Mirror Knight in This New Dark Souls II Gameplay Video

A new video that showcases how to defeat the infamously difficult Mirror Knight boss from the Dark Souls II demo.

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WillGuitarGuy1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Damn, the game isn't even out yet and this is already up. Lol. Really though, I'm the kind of person who ignores any spoilers since I want to experience everything first. I might come back to this video after I beat the boss myself to compare tactics.

ajames3471600d ago

Haha people get really obsessive over demos (myself included) it seems.

There's really no game spoilers in this video but it would still be a good idea to avoid it if you want to try out the boss first yourself.

Audiggity1600d ago

I need to play this game... purely from curiosity. I don't see why that was difficult. It was a formula. The enemy didn't even change tactics as he was weakened.

I'm sure if I played the series I would understand the difficulty a bit better.

LightofDarkness1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

It looks easy once you've studied his attack patterns agonizingly the first 20 times he killed you. You have to learnt he exact right moment to dodge an attack to avoid damage, from the right angle, and read his movements to see if he's going to take a single swing or more, for instance. I can imagine what the player felt when he finally toppled this guy.

Audiggity1600d ago

Got it. With your explanation, just watching it again, I noticed the depth of it. Most of the Knight's attacks were unique (angle, rotation, single vs. multiple, etc)...

One day, when I retire young, I'll get into this series!

Jughead34161600d ago

Yea most Demon/Dark Souls bosses have specific attack patterns that have to be learned in order to last even one minute. Sometimes you even need a little luck to defeat some of them. Like the Gargoyles in Demon Souls. I was able to shoot them with a bow and arrow through the fog door. I know it's cheating but they killed me like 20 times. I can't wait to play this. It may have to wait til I'm done with Infamous Second Son though.

LightofDarkness1600d ago

Gotta love that Souls series combat. So tense and skillful.

MWH1600d ago

I'll do it myself thank you.