Before Mass Effect, There was Star Control

A nostalgic (and spoiler-filled) look at two games, ages apart, but strikingly similar.

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Godmars2901577d ago

Honestly don't think Me is worthy to shine SC's shoes.

dedicatedtogamers1577d ago

Considering how old the SC series is, I'm quite surprised that a studio - not even an indie dev - has not tried to replicate this sort of game. The combat was fun and arcade-like, there were a lot of different races but if you think about it, SC isn't a "high budget" game. FTL was...somewhat similar, but I'd love to see an indie dev take a stab at a SC clone.

BTW, SC is why I was a bit disappointed with Mass Effect 2 and 3. The first Mass Effect allowed you to land on numerous planets to fight and find items and mine material. In the back of my mind I was thinking "okay, this is pretty good, but I hope they crank it up to SCII levels in the next game", which of course, Bioware went the more cinematic, shooty-bang-bang route instead.

NexGen1577d ago

You need info my friend. It is now open source and hd remastered as the Ur- Quan masters. Download it free asap.

Additionally, a true sequel to Star Control 2 is in the works.

3-4-51577d ago

Star Control is awesome.

It's such a unique gameplay style that worked so well I'm surprised it wasn't copied more.

YoungKingDoran1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Link for the HD Mod/Remake for all those interested in this game
(It's FREE!)

dedicatedtogamers1577d ago

I'm aware of good ol' Ur-Quan masters.

What I'm saying is that I'm surprised no one has taken the concept and made a completely different game.

And yes, I know the sequel is in the works. Very excited about that. :)

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