D-Pad, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Review

A fantastic reinvention of a series that struggled to remain focal. The definitive edition doesn't make the game but it makes it beautiful. A well sculpted and paced plot that brings trauma and triumph to a sympathetic lead character. A solid evolution in Lara's play style and a worthy addition to anyone's next gen system

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gravelchalice1572d ago

I really liked the Xbox 360 version so I think I'll pick up the PS4 game tomorrow.

combatcash1572d ago

It's the same game buddy just prettier.

gravelchalice1571d ago

Yeah I know, I loved the game beforehand and probably would have played it through again this year. Now getting to enjoy it at 60 fps, all the other visual upgrades and remote play on my Vita, I think I'll enjoy this all the more.

berndogskate1572d ago

Really impressed with the ps4 version.

svoulis1571d ago

I played both the PC and the PS4 version, and Yes I spent the money on it for PS4, and it's worth it.

Is it just a facelift? mostly, but the other added weather effects and Lara's animation tweaks and facial tweaks make her look more like the cutscenes in the game.

Overall was impressed and didn't feel like I wasted my money.

The game is 10+ hours long on hard, and its a great story. Unfortunately there are MP trophies and the multiplayer in this game is like a dumb down uncharted 2/3 multiplayer. Very neglected and very meh all around.

gravelchalice1571d ago

It is a great game that's that has had lots of fancy tweaks and 60 fps is my kind of tweak. I'd play it again anyway but any my PS4 is crying for good games!