GamesBeat: Octodad is silly fun — and it will make you cry (review)

Octodad is a great example of a game that conveys a message through gameplay. In conjunction with its story, characters, and setting, the controls offer an empathetic look into the life of an extreme outsider trying to fit in and trying to do right by his family.

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Sadie21001629d ago

Weird. I got to try a bit of the game last year and had no idea it had this emotional side to it.

darkronin2291629d ago

Huh. Didn't expect Octodad to be so poignant.

Raistlinhawke1629d ago

Wow. I had high hopes for this game, but it went in a wholly unexpected direction. In a good way. Pretty rare accomplishment these days...

wita1629d ago

Awesome. I hope this is just as good on PS4.

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