Sony: “We Don’t Think the Vita’s Going to Sell as Well as PSP,” Unless There’s a Pleasant Surprise

It may be just an estimate at this point, but Michael Pachter believes the PlayStation Vita sold 4.2 million units in all of 2013, while Famitsu’s sales figures show the handheld moved just shy of 1.2 million Vitas in Japan throughout 2013.

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Crossbones1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

How bout you start paying Third Parties to bring games over like GTA, Final Fantasy, MGS, Monster Hunter, Bioshock, Resident Evil, Tom Clancy, Dead Space, and more. As well as support it with your first party line up like I don't know Jak & Daxter, Socom, Twisted Metal, inFAMOUS, Gran Turismo, & more. Also how about cutting the price of the Memory Cards. I don't care if I get disagreed to smothering. The fact is they're not paying Third Party developers to bring games to the system or even trying to support it with first party games. Therefore NO!!! it won't sell like the PSP. The Vita is a powerful handheld system but PlayStation takes to long to support their products unless it's a PS Console. To me it just seems like a add on to the PS4 with 2-3 good games at the end of year for it with no advertisement awareness for the thing.

Mikey322301296d ago

Tell me about it...

Sony seems to have thrown their hands up in the air, ready to admit defeat.

... what the hell. The device has tons of potential.

4Sh0w1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Yeah its unfortunate, the ps vita has become the "wii u of portables".

vs Sure it is, those who like wii u say it's actually really good also, personally I'm not saying fans of either platform are wrong just pointing out it's unfortunate that both are flopping in general and especially when you look at the success of their predecessors. I think that speaks to a greater problem that outside of their loyal fanbase there is a lack of demand by the general public. Nintendo seems to be headed to licensing their brand characters to make up for some of its lost revenue, sony needs a plan to spur sales, maybe sell it dirt cheap and pay for lots of purpose built exclusives that take advantage of vital specific hardware but honestly I just don't think outside of Japan dedicated portables are a big draw besides young children and Nintendo DS is plenty for them.

Goro1296d ago

@4Sh0w Yeah, the only difference is the PS Vita is actually good.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1296d ago

I would rather own a vita than PS4, I can't understand the low sales

truefan11296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Do you guys not understand it takes money to pay third party developers. Given their current financial state I would assume Sony is risk averse. Sony is smart by investing its resources into the ps4. The vita was a shot in the dark, they never had a chance to be a big player in handhelds. If ps4 players being able to play ps4 remotely isn't enough to entice people, there is not much else you can do.

dantesparda1296d ago (Edited 1295d ago )


Wow, for once i can actually agree with your @$$

But the first guy actually has alot of good ideas. Sony, listen to this guy and do what you can.

scott1821295d ago

It is a great system, I'm sure when ps now rolls out there will be much more incentive to owning it, seeing how it's all about the games.
true third party support comes by number of owners of the system, not by paying them to support it.

TomShoe1295d ago

Well it's not surprising.

It's because smartphones have eaten up most of the market.

Curse you Angry Birds! Curse you and your ilk!

ThanatosDMC1295d ago

They really needed to secure Mon Hun... but gave it up to Nintendo.

Giul_Xainx1295d ago

Even Sony admits the PS Vita doesn't have a very strong audience. But it is still there. I whipped out my wallet for a few titles so far but since a lot of them are PS3 ports.... I just buy the PS3 version. Sure they come attached with the vita version, but playing them on a big screen is just much more satisfying.

But they need to make more games that utilize the touch screen whilst also not interfering with my line of sight to the vita. I like action games, but with every handheld device.... if you are constantly shaking the screen and can't see it... it isn't very much fun. For example: The World Ends With You. Fun, but not fun at the same time. (I know it is for the DS trolls.)

Zero Escape: Virtues Last reward: perfect example of how easy it is for me to actually SEE what I am doing and enjoy the game.

Super Stardust Delta. Another great example of ease of play.

Uncharted Golden Abyss. perfect example of what a game should be.

SilentNegotiator1295d ago

“We Don’t Think the Vita’s Going to Sell as Well as PSP”

What tipped you off, Sony?

ShwankyShpanky1295d ago

If they'd hurry up and release the 2000 model stateside, they'd have my money. I really want one for Remote Play and my PS+ Vita backlog, but I'm holding out for a 2000. Unfortunately, I don't want the swapped X and O buttons from a Japanese import, and a UK import would cost even more than one from Japan!

minimur121295d ago

the Wii U is a great system and an amazing concept. Although remote play is flawed. (has to be reasonably close, and pointing at the system I've found.), also the problem with games and struggling to secure third party games.

I do think ninty should do a one off of Super Smash/PS All Stars. that would sell like ice cream on a summers day. while the Wii U seems to be selling like ice cream during winter.

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Derekvinyard131296d ago

Only reason I bought a psp was because liberty city stories and vice city stories. So I agree with you. No reason for me to invest in a vita. I agree that they should have an infamous spinoff

Neonridr1296d ago

not to mention they are at a huge disadvantage when the 3DS has sold 35+ million units more than it. Developers want to make money so they are going to make games for the handheld with the larger install base.

Kinda hard for Capcom to want to develop a new Monster Hunter game for the Vita and get sales of like 250-500K when they can make it for the 3DS and get sales of 10+ million.

-Foxtrot1296d ago

Yeah pretty much, it's not like they don't have developers trust

I'm tied though, part of me wants more support for the PSV the other would rather they focus on the PS4 since they are on a role.

king_george1295d ago

Since most of the sony owned devs have more than one team i dont understand why they dont just have one team make vita titles and the other teams make ps3/4 titles. MM did it with tearaway while developing a ps4 game. I think thats a wise move but we should get more of this. The handling of the vita confuses me a bit..

Eonjay1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

1. Cut the price to $150.
2. Let people save games to their game carts w/o needing a separate memory card.
3. Reduce the price of the memory cards until it no card is over $20 <-- Dead Serious here its a tiny piece of plastic with even tinier piece of metal.
4. Release platformers. With a screen as beautiful as the VITA's... it would be awesome.

Done. Don't even talk to me until the memory card issues is seriously addressed.

Other than that the system is awesome.

king_george1295d ago

Ur probably gunna get soooo much hate for saying all that but screw it i'll get hate with you. Im a big sony fan but they're messing up with the vita at the moment. I agree with all those points especially the prices.

Outside_ofthe_Box1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

***"3. Reduce the price of the memory cards until it no card is over $20"***

I strongly agree with this. I know the mem cards are proprietary, but paying over $20 just so that I can save my game files without worrying about space just doesn't fly nowadays.

I also agree with the $150 price point. It's the only way I see the Vita getting off the shelves on a consistent basis.

XabiDaChosenOne1295d ago

"2. Let people save games to their game carts w/o needing a separate memory card" This is so simple and basic yet Sony F'ed this up so badly -_-
"4. Release platformers. With a screen as beautiful as the VITA's... it would be awesome."
Why wasn't the puppeteer released on the platform, WHY SONY?!?!

Mr_Writer851295d ago

Sony make a loss on the Vita

You might get a Vita for $150

But then there is no way you'd get the cards for less then $20 as Sony would be making a HUGE loss.

So it's one or the other I'm afraid Sony are not stupid they have to make money some how and unless the Vita does a PS3 and sells so many they make a profit you won't see a huge reduction on cards or games for a LONG time.

Maybe even not at all as it's not selling enough now for that to ever happen.

TheDivine1295d ago

Release ps2 classics on the vita. Psx classics on psp saved the system for me. It blew my mind to play Xenogears and Chrono Cross on the go.

I'd love Persona 3 FES, Xenosaga, Rouge Galaxy, FF12, Valkyrie Profile 2, and Star Ocean 3 among others. I love the updated games like P4 Golden and FFX vita but I'd take a large dump of ps2 classics since most won't get remastered. I do want a SMT Nocturne vita remaster though. Il never give up hope for that and Xenosaga collection.

ShwankyShpanky1295d ago

I think bringing the memory cards down to Earth would go a long way for them. I've got no problem dropping $200 for a Vita (2000 model, pls), but the thought of dropping another $100 on a memory card (gotta get the biggest) is NOT appealing.

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dedicatedtogamers1296d ago

Okay, but if you look back at the PSP, it only had third-party games from the West for about the first 18 months. After that, it was MOnster Hunter, niche Japanese games, and games developed in-house by Sony (like God of War, Daxter, that Ratchet and Clank game, Gran Turismo, etc)

DonDon1295d ago

Since when does a hardware developer get in the habit of PAYING other 3rd party devs to put games on their system? Of course this might happen once in a while, but not every major game. If Sony did that, then all 3rd party devs would withhold their games since they'll feel entitled for an up-front pay-out. If the publisher wants money, then publish the games themselves on the consoles.

redtideone111295d ago

Microsoft does it all the time and look where it got them.

GrandpaSnake1295d ago

bought vita day one, i have like 6 vita games that i bought at 40 bucks new about 6 ps1 games 3 psp games

i spent close to 700 dollars the first 3 months for the vita before ps+, but i havent bought a new game in over six months and im barely starting to need new games. I dont regret it at all but it just trips me out how expensive it actually was at the start to own a vita, now new owners feel bad about paying more than 180....hmmm

Blaze9291295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )


"How bout you start paying Third Parties to bring games over like GTA, Final Fantasy, MGS, Monster Hunter, Bioshock, Resident Evil, Tom Clancy, Dead Space, and more. "

uh, no? That's the exact problem the PSP faced, Playstation PORT-able. Why would anyone want slimed down ports of series they can enjoy much better on a full Playstation console?

Killzone, Resistance, etc - none of those ever strike as "must by a Vita!" games. What they need to do is make new IPs that are solely exclusive to the PS Vita that can't be found or enjoyed anywhere else.

If Vita has Uncharted, I'm not gonna feel too bad about missing out on it because the PS3 does too. And better.

They need that Pokemon, that Monster Hunter. Something that isn't just a port.

HOWEVER, a GTA Vita game would be beyond stellar lol. San Andreas Stories anyone?

3-4-51295d ago

Vita is slowly getting stronger.

2014 will be good, 2015 even better, for both 3DS & Vita.

The PS4 growing in popularity will only help the Vita in the long run and Sony already said they plan to support it for 10 years, so it's going to improve,just not as fast as we had hoped in the beginning.

Stay positive.

CrossingEden1295d ago

Sony is pretty quick to abandon things that aren't a console, remember the eye toy? Or the ps move? Or that gun peripheral?

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Hatsune-Miku1296d ago

Sony is facing reality unlike some company and fanatics that thought everything is well when sales don't back up the sentiment. Say anything describing reality about certain company and you'll be met with abuse and disagrees. Anyway, Sony needs to flood the vita with quality games . Also having games like gta v, proper cod, proper assassins creed, battlefield, gran turismo, Along with some really strong titles would help a lot.

Neonridr1296d ago

sounds like the same recipe to help the Wii U.