Nintendo is Going To Be OK

Chris Vellucci writes: "The thing about non-gaming news sources reporting on gaming news is just that. You have non-gamers, or casual gamers, claiming to be in the know and mindful of the business. Reporters put their 2-cents in as if they’ve run of multi-billion dollar company before. They give reports without their due diligence which shows and infuriates me. I’d like to take this moment and tell these reporters to do their homework. I’d list them here but I don’t want to get personal (also there are too many). Go ahead and google/bing/yahoo/duckduckgo (I don’t judge) “Nintendo fails” or “Nintendo news” and chances are there will be an article on ‘what Nintendo needs to do’ or ‘three ways to save Nintendo’. These are the reporters I’m addressing."

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Dunban671602d ago

A well written Good article - as a Wii u went I have been critical of many things Nintendo has and has not done to make it a better console/ experience, however, I agree w all of your points

I m pretty sure Iwata is not the guy to turn things round but they will get there eventually w or w out him

Alexious1602d ago

I'm not sure if it's going to be okay, but then again I haven't supported Nintendo's policy on consoles since GameCube.

Dunban671601d ago

The longer Iwata is there the longer and more difficult their road ack will be- but they have ton s of cash, no debt and IP worth huge dollars - A reasonably ompetnt CEO with strong board backing could turn Nintendo around even though Iwata s mess will get bigger 1st