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Arma 3 is the newest iteration in the highly popular Arma series. This in-depth review showcases everything right, and wrong with it. You have to check it out if you're thinking of buying the game!

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Hatsune-Miku819d ago

Please bring this brilliant game to ps4 because it's so different and good.

cyril sneer818d ago (Edited 818d ago )

And once again first comment in a pc exclusive game article is a sony fanboy asking for it to come to ps4 then somewhere on n4g they will be saying pc has no exclusives which one is it.

If you want to play these great pc exclusive games

starcraft 2
kerbal space program
arma 3
anno series
civilization series
dota 2
league of legends
guild wars series
total war series
star citizen
stalker shadow of chernobyl
europa universalis
path of exile
mount and blade
amnesia series

Buy a pc.
Also here is a link for an even bigger list.

aiBreeze818d ago (Edited 818d ago )

LMFAO this is so true. Nice list too!Could easily think of a fair few more games that belong on the list like Warcraft, Chivalry, SWTOR etc and not to mention all the amazing mods have past and present that have offered many hours of fun like Desert Combat, DOTA.

Grave819d ago

Kids have their CoD and BF. ArmA is for the adults.

dillhole818d ago

or elitist hipsters that avoid anything remotely popular.

Grave818d ago

You have no idea what you're talking about little one. Thanks for giving me a laugh though.

dillhole817d ago

@Grave I have actually no problem with Arma, it's just when people say things like "Kids have their CoD and BF" it just comes off as a little stuck-up and elitist.

combatcash819d ago

Does anybody know if this game is better optimized? How well it runs on a mid range set up?

kB0818d ago

Much better compared to Arma 2...I mean night and day better...not only are frames better, the microstuttering is pretty much absent.....

I was skeptical at first, but then saw it with my own eyes.

More eye candy, yet more frames....something that Call of duty never managed to do. It seem each one of their engines kill frame rates with minimal gains.

SITH818d ago

I have been playing since Alpha with 38 FPS. I have a GTX 690, I7-3960x, 8gb 2133 MHz ram.

Retail... 38 FPS. No it has not been optimized one bit. Still no SLI support.

kB0818d ago

I'm using laptop, seems much better than 2 for me:)

Grave818d ago (Edited 818d ago )

I'm running 2 GTX 660's in SLI, i7-3770K, and 16GB RAM. At 5760 x 1080 I was getting in the 30s before all the patches. Now I run with normal settings at anywhere from 45-85 FPS.