An Account-Based Future Suggests You’ll Never Have to Rebuy Nintendo Software Again

Nintendo discussed an account-based future in their financial report briefing this morning to investors and analysts that, as a result, suggested games will never be restricted by the platform they are located on.

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Yep1632d ago


As you still have to rebuy Sony and MS games each generation.

Milruka1632d ago

MS console games actually.

Yep1632d ago

Show me Halo 4 on Xbox One

Hicken1632d ago

Really, it sounds like they're adapting what Sony ad MS already have, but making it all cloud-based.

In other words, you have access to all the same games, regardless of hardware, because they're all based on a central server location from which you can draw them.

It's gonna run into the same problems all the other cloud-based gaming programs will have. Retail titles will have issues with this, unless they're doing something really crazy with wifi or something, like some super low-latency streaming from console to handheld and vice-versa, which their current hardware isn't built for.

All in all, though, it's not very clear WHAT this really means.

Milruka1632d ago Show
N4g_null1632d ago

Nope one set further 3ds or ds games on the wiiu... hmm mom interesting!

R00bot1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Haha, who's a idiot now?

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wonderfulmonkeyman1632d ago

Welcome to blank?
Had a brain fart, didja?XD

Xof1632d ago

Really nice to see Nintendo (maybe) finally moving in the right direction. Especially after the crap Sony pulled with the PS4.

gamer421632d ago

I dont mean to sound rude, but what did they do?

Xof1632d ago

Sony had a unified platform with the PS2, PS3, PSP and Vita to play pretty much ALL of their titles. But the PS4 cannot play PS1, PS2, PS3, PSN, or digital PS1/PS2 games. Basically, all of the digital content that we bought from Sony no longer exists on the new platform.

Ostensibly this is so they can continue to charge money for up-res'd ports and their streaming service.

Basically, it's the biggest anti-consumer move in the history of digital distribution, and one of the scary "doom" scenarios people have used for nearly a decade to justify their choice in NOT opting to purchase games digitally, yet oddly is basically being ignored by the media and community alike.

For some reason I cannot fathom, everyone seems intent on masturbating furiously to Sony. Possibly this is because Microsoft threatened to be so much -more- anti-consumer with the Xbox3, and perhaps the prevailing opinion is just to bend over and take it, because it could be worse.

Essentially, Sony's stance with digital content on the PS4 marks them moving AWAY from a unified platform at the same time Nintendo is (finally) starting to move TOWARD a unified platform.

stragomccloud1632d ago

I was really shocked by that, especially because of how much money I've sunk into PSN thinking that it roll over to PS4. I have heard; however, rumors of local emulation coming to PS4 which may make at least PS1 and PS2 games playable which is fine by me!

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